Diversity within fascism: Don’t forget Norway and Italy

U.$. bombers are faster than Nazi Germany’s bombers were. The Predator drone above is an unmanned bomber better than what Hitler had.

Nonetheless, there are important ways in which the United $tates is not Nazi Germany. The most important is that the United $tates does not face the same urgency in occupying other imperialist countries. In his last statements before death, Hitler said he wished he had invaded the Soviet Union sooner, because Stalin was not twiddling his thumbs.

During World War II, most of the world was unaware of the extent of the genocides Hitler was carrying out. Today, most of the world does not realize the extent of U.$. exploitation and its devastating effects on Third World health. The United $tates is a far greater exploitation machine than Hitler Germany ever was.

Hitler Germany had the youth and hunger to move quickly in ways that the United $tates does not today. Yet not all fascisms have the same pace of political and historical development. If we argue that Norway was not really fascist because it was not imperialist, that leaves Italy and Japan. Italy’s pace of war was if anything less than today’s U.$. pace. Today’s Amerikkkans are older and more high tech than Hitler’s Aryans, but in less hurry to occupy all the other imperialists.

The O’Baconites are trying to prove that the Democrats and Republicans are separate and increasingly so, but they both favor the profit-system, and half the public could probably live without a Congress if the leadership wanted it. There are plenty of fascist features to observe in the U.$. case. Compared with Nazi Germany, the United $tates is already global imperialist top dog while Germany was an aspiring top dog imperialist. This accounts for differences on some questions of pace, but the fundamentals are the same.



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