We told you so: Schwarzenegger and CA prisons

The first thing Obama did upon arrival in office was give the states no-strings-attached stimulus funding with which to keep prisoners locked up. It goes to show that the people sticking with Obama but also saying they are pro-MIM line are hard-core cultists who can’t figure out how the labor aristocracy line damages prisoners.

Here is what we said August 10, 2009:

“The ‘Second Chance Act’ for prisoners came about in the Bush administration because of the hammer blows of the international united front, and likewise, it will be because of fiscal conservatism made easy by disaster that will eventually force the mass release of prisoners. We are starting to see that in California with prison overcrowding.”

Gov. Schwarzenegger recently announced plans to release 6500 prisoners. We hope he finds the will to go much further. 20,000 of California’s 170,000 prisoners are just “illegal immigrants.” It’s not worth spending money on and Schwarzenegger is a lame duck: he should pardon them all.


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