Females and the Catholic Church

I won’t say the Catholic Church has been patriarchal or male-led for eternity. I’ve seen some contrary evidence, perhaps inspired by post-modern digging, perhaps not. However, in recent times, it’s safe to say that the Catholic Church is male-led and hierarchically organized and the females who join understand that principle when they join it.

A search of “Google News” shows many so-called news stories about this topic right now, thanks to the fact that bishops did not support Obamacare (–the real reason, not the reason given.)

Periodically the media “discovers” that the Catholic Church is male led.

Western females should just never join it. When they figure out that they don’t like it, they should quit.

In economics, have-it-both-ways between the proletariat and capitalists is petty-bourgeois. In the realm of ideas Marx called superstructure, the have-it-both-ways of reporting on the Catholic Church is political parasitism. The whole discussion consistently teaches people to weasel instead of taking positions and actions based on principle.

Instead of being derivative of others in this parasitism of ideas, people should take a side and strike out on their own.

Now the liberal Democrats are afraid what the healthcare vote forecasts for the Supreme Court vote. The have-it-both-ways arguments are just a by-product of Democratic Party interests and lesser-evil pragmatism, also known as weaseling opportunism.

Spreading have-it-both-ways ideas does not bring change. It is merely a comfort blanket for the petty-bourgeoisie and a deception for the proletariat. The proletariat does not have to choose between McCain and Obama and it does not have to choose between nuns who want Obamacare and bishops who don’t. The System stirs up these false controversies and fans them to distract people from real struggles that could drive the world forward.


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