Healthcare fallout

There has been much fallout over the healthcare bill that Obama just passed.

  • Susan Estrich reported herself a more loyal Obamauton.
  • I presume the British have moved along with the Mexicans and Saudis. The “Guardian” was always pro-lynching, just less-so than other papers. Now it is pro-lynching, moreso.
  • Chomsky supported it.
  • Bart Stupak voted for it and then resigned from the House.
  • The “New York Times” is attacking the Pope with healthcare as the subtext.

    Obama basically made a number of domestic political promises to pass his healthcare bill, so the political situation changed somewhat.

    Once again, the Democrats sold some of their own “lesser evils” idea between two overwhelmingly bourgeois parties. MIM has argued there is no issue at the margin here. Our critics like Krugman at the “New York Times” would not be able to give meta-reasons for how one avoids choosing between tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum. MIM provides the answer of how to choose with class analysis.

    Which is better, Hitler as a leader or one of his military intelligence agents who favored including more nationalities as Aryan?

    Which is better, Hitler or Strasser? In fact, what the Democrats are ramming down our throat repeatedly is that Strasser is the lesser evil. That’s what Obama’s politics are and have been since before 9/11.

    Neither Strasser nor Hitler deserved support. Taking up principled, small-minority opposition was better.

    Contrary to reports on CBS, CNN and elsewhere, once factored correctly the healthcare plan may not be deficit neutral. With the Medicare break funded every year in practice the past 15 years, despite the overall Medicare law, the Obama plan runs in the red.

    What we should report for certain is that the threat we received just before the vote that someone would out Obama for the lynching was false. It was phrased in language insulting to us and did not happen. The point was likely to scare Congressional Democrats who have me under surveillance. Those afraid of losing their own power only want more lynching, because that’s how to win popularity here.


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