Ron Paul, the Tea Party and corporatism

The “Wall Street Journal”(1) reported that Tea Party founder Ron Paul has said Obama is not “socialist” but “corporatist.”

We thank Ron Paul for making the change. We requested it here.

The confusion arises because the fascist movement uses front-group infiltration tactics and U.$. ’60s radicals and ’80s post-modernists are too loopy to figure it out. In the 1930s, Hitler infiltrated the Social Democratic Party of Germany to take it over, as he steam-rolled the rest of society.

Obama’s political mentors were 1960s radicals Bill Ayers, Michael Klonsky and Bob Avakian, who worked together as leaders in a minority faction for a little while in SDS. Although 1960s radical Huey Newton was rather clear-minded, the most popular white organizers like Klonsky, Avakian and PLP that led thousands of white youth always had things both ways on the white working class and set themselves up for the fascism we are in now. (Of these, PLP is more consistent. I don’t want to presume to have read them lately.)

We hope the Tea Party movement continues to refer to the Obamautons as “corporatists” and “fascist,” not “socialists” or “communists.”



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  1. Tea Party billboard unfair to Lenin « Mimdefense's Weblog Says:

    […] Obama, the state used a heavy hand to benefit private property. Their plan should really be called corporatism. There have been no worker takeovers or parliamentary movement toward constitutionally outlawing […]

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