Supreme Court: Elena Kagan and foreshadowing

On the street I see foreshadowing of the Democrats’ desperate campaign struggle against me. The moving electronic banner in my town says approximately, “Hitler art mediocre but selling well.”

Others are discussing various aspects of my lyncher number one. People across the country are stepping into an imaginary zone. As explained before on this website, “bird” is a symbol of my arch-enemies. A local constructed a poster of a mutant rabbit chasing away all birds. The “Guardian” dredged up recall of a CIA bird similar to the kind of bird I’m in struggle with now. Also relevant is that Byrd is a Democratic Senator who is former KKK.

Before this struggle happens and the Democrats use the opportunity to release charges from the lynchers that I myself have not heard yet from the lynchers, I want to point out that that is exactly why the struggle is happening, to encourage lynching.

The Democrats had approximately five ways to put Kagan (or someone more “liberal” if she exists) on the court and they balked at all five.
1) Their media could have vetted out nonsense issues in my background to have me serve in office to monitor a Mideast peace agreement in 2008. I would have served in a Bush Jr., Obama and/or McCain administration. The media did not.
2) The Democrats in Congress in control since 2006 could have passed a resolution to instruct the Navy to lift the siege on Gaza. The Democrats did not: the peace talks got nowhere, so the cards from that are still in play.
3) The Democrats could have impeached Obama or his people could have started principled resignations to bring in Eric Holder or Jesse Jackson or ex-Gov. Wilder.
4) Obama could have traded with Senator Hatch scrapping the existing healthcare plan to get Kagan.
5) The Democrats could have granted me my first-stage rights as requested and I could have negotiated a deal for Kagan. By first-stage I mean the right to participate in politics without extortion and false accusations, the threshold I have failed to cross thanks to rumors.

Instead, as the “Guardian” correctly complained at the time of the December global warming conference, U.$. politics holds up the world. It’s not surprising, because Obama stepped repeatedly on Palestinian diplomatic cards of Annapolis during 2008. We should have known what was coming, that Obama did not bring any new cards to bear on the situation.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown told us back in the summer of 2009 “six more months” for the most significant issues of the world, blah, blah, blah. They were just buying time and in reality the Brits and Amerikans don’t care about diplomacy. I’m not going to list all the deals that the United $tates has turned down, but I have paid attention 5% this past three weeks, and if you did not see Obama-Clinton rebuked by Third World wimmin in at least three different countries, then you were paying even less attention than me.

The Democrats are going to use a vague sense of “women’s issues” to try to attack all their enemies. In reality, it’s about pornography quotas they have to meet.

In addition, they could run all their lynching that they have been salivating over the past five years in Aesopian language, rehearsing and still end up hoisted on just healthcare and abortion in November. As of now, the official story appears to be that the Senate will not likely filibuster. The mainstream Republican Party may just want a chance to run against a Kagan choice in November. On the other hand, Democrats are trying to intimidate those not in the Senate who might speak out anyway.




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