Andrew Stern

NPR is reporting today that Andrew Stern is resigning the presidency of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The reason is simple: the SEIU paid my lyncher number two to spy on me in my house. (An audible reference is made to this in a Harry Potter movie partly based on the Cheney vs. Ward Churchill phony struggle at the University of Colorado.)

On the day I purged her, the spy suddenly raised questions that Huey Newton already answered more definitively and transgressively before me. The reason she did so was to have blackmail scandal material against me when I answered as the Black Panthers before me did.
(It would only work in electoral politics, not with genuine Maoists.)

When Clinton and Obama were duking it out in the primaries, the SEIU was the first to endorse Obama. It’s not to say my lynchers would not have worked for Clinton had she won the primaries, but I just comment on the actual order things happened.




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