Inflection point: when the Right becomes Left and vice-versa

We’re seeing many signs of ferment in public political discussion. “Fox News” just published a piece which will tend to show Amerikkkans that they are in the top 10% of the world by class; even though, that’s not what “Fox News” says it is doing. “Fox News” endeavors to show that the U.S. government spends more than people think, even excluding military spending.

“Most of Europe is thought to have much larger governments than the United States.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true any more. Even after adjusting for differences in the cost of living and taking into account how many people live in the country, total U.S. government spending — at all levels of government — accounts for more real resources
per capita than 95 percent of the countries in the world. In fact, 166 out of 175 countries have governments that spend less money than the United States [click here for Table 1]. Our government spends 276 percent more than is spent by the average government of another country around the world. That comes out to about $17,400 per person living in the United States — almost $70,000 for a family of four.

Sweden’s famous ‘welfare state’ spends only about 8.6 percent more per capita than the United States.”(1)

John Lott is definitely barking up the right tree. He also says 93% of countries spend less per capita on non-defense expenditures.

Even if some details prove wrong, Lott is asking the right questions, so the left-wing of parasitism should check it out. The basic point is that cross-national variation in class is where class struggle really occurs. Everything within U.$. borders is really just intra-bourgeois variation.

People have said MIM is academic, but the people like Avakian and others saying MIM’s third cardinal does not matter deserve no trust. Now the Obama administration is considering cutting AIDS spending in Africa.(2) George W. Bush tripled African AIDS spending. Let’s say that again: George W. Bush tripled AIDS spending in Africa. Now it’s $7 billion a year.

True conservatives support charity over government spending abroad, but MIM says if we are going to be social-democratic it should be for the world’s true poor. We ask when it is that the social workers, hospital workers and teachers are going to realize that when they increase government spending here in the united $tates, that means less for money abroad and more deficit spending draining loans from abroad.

In other words, people opposing MIM do so for nationalist reasons: they are too loyal to Amerikans. There is a relative economic gap within the United $tates and any other country, but the relative economic gap within the United $tates is unimportant compared with the global gap. The left-wing of parasitism putting the focus on the internal relative question is not taking up corporatism by accident: it’s exactly where Democratic Party politics have been leading all these years of being in denial of the MIM thesis.

Lott has identified the culprits in resistance to MIM’s thought: all dependent on government funding–much of academia and of course political leaders on government salaries. They don’t want to admit that those with legal working rights in the united $tates are the plurality of the world’s bourgeoisie.

The underlying cause of the fermentation at the “Wall Street Journal” and “Fox News” is that people are starting to wake up and notice that the left-wing of parasitism was unable to rebut MIM in over 20 years on the question of white worker exploitation, which does not exist in the United $tates and the other Western imperialist countries.

Thank you to Ann Coulter for pointing to this Lott column. Most of the past 20 years, I skipped opinion writers of liberal or conservative variety, but I especially credit Ann Coulter and Maureen Dowd for pointing out more things than I used to give them credit for. They are prototypical corporate writers, but especially in their regard, I gave them too much blanket condemnation.

Now if we can go to the next step, and get Amerikans to see their global position and understand the class roots of why they always look down on Third World countries, always want to be social missionaries to those countries and don’t agree with them politically for their Islam or communism, we’d be making more headway. Along these lines, we need to see Republicans arise to oppose the Afghan, Pakistan and Iraq wars along with the occupations of Korea and Boricua and the military bases in all Third World countries. Yes to paying for AIDS medicine in Africa, no to counter-productive political, missionary and military activity rooted in class.



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