Supreme Court watch

There appear to be some signs that Obama is considering appointing my lyncher number one to the Supreme Court; hence, I shall have to pay attention to the news. The rumor-monger has spent time buttering up “Fox News,” the “New York Times” and I am told China over the past few years. However, that’s not to say all of those in “counter-terrorism” against me will support her.

On the other hand, it is possible for the Republicans and Democrats to trade cards and for Obama to appoint another female with greater accomplishments outside the sex and lies department. While there is a good chance that lynching will be rewarded, one has to consider that the game could be an attempt to head fake the Muslim people. References to nuclear terrorism abound in the April 12 and April 13 news.

A pseudo-feminist speaking on India made positive metaphorical references to supporting my lyncher on NPR today. Among other things, the afternoon of the 13th on NPR she spoke for using only humyn energy in farming.

Metaphorical references of certain sorts are heating up right now. Nuclear terrorism or just “nukes” has become a metaphorical reference to information on 9/11 covered up by the likes of Indian pseudo-feminists for serfdom and Washington.

India is the only country of the Third World that regularly polls in agreement with I$rael. That’s on account of Hindu-Islamic tensions. We can and should discount people who want the whole world to become peasant serfs. Such justifications of agriculture came out in published book form by slave-owning agriculturalists of the South over 100 years ago.

What the talk points up is how desperately the NPR maneuvers to support the Democrats. The rape issue often attracts this sort of pseudo-feminist who believes the world would have been better off if it had stayed agricultural. It’s really a symptom of how when wimmin emerge from the household, they do not carry norms of politics with them and instead recreate in miniature all the political debates of time since they did not participate in politics.

While men in politics globally have absorbed the lessons of the French Revolution, we still find people wishing to go back in time to agriculture or in the case of my lyncher’s handler, before there was agriculture. We refer to the pseudo-feminists and the men who have no courage to criticize these reactionaries.

Here is what the new constitutional principles of the Enlightenment said as expressed in the key French Revolution document “The Declaration of the Rights of Man,” August 27, 1789: “No man can be accused, arrested, or detained except in cases determined by the law, and according to the forms which it has prescribed. Those who solicit, draw up, execute, or have executed arbitrary orders must be punished.”

Before the French Revolution, the law did not always protect serfs from being accused by the lords without process. For that matter, the lords had the right to corvee labor from the serfs. That’s what is going on in my case, where counter-terrorists are cooperating to extract labor from me for free by dragging me into their sordid business.

P.S. The organic farming metaphor used by the speaker above could be interpreted in my favor. When I believe a metaphor is ambiguous, it goes to the lyncher’s camp, because Aesopian language favors racism, because it is essentially the intellectual way of wearing a white sheet at a KKK rally. True, the speaker attacked Monsanto as I did in a previous article. Some are arguing over my life with the farming reference, and it’s somewhat appropriate because it was a favorite topic of my lyncher’s handler and also because there is something unnatural about sending females at me and paying them to seduce me. These are not the very core issues of the lynching, but they are of related importance.


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