Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder’s appearance April 14 2010 before the Senate Judiciary Committee has produced much discussion. Most assuredly off-base is the “Washington Post” coverage(1) which made it sound like Holder had a tough time of it.

The “Wall Street Journal” says the Obama administration has those who would like to put the Gitmo prisoners on civilian trial to show that there was torture of those prisoners.(2) At the same time, I have argued the Democrats fear the coverage of these trials also, because Obama took over Bush Jr.’s political debts in connection to Gitmo. If I were not correct, the Defense Intelligence Agency would have answered a certain FOIA two or three years ago.

Eric Holder was Deputy Attorney General from 1997 to 2001 in the Bill Clinton administration. Since it was in that period that I saw events leading up to 9/11, it can’t be said I have no conflict with him. Nor am I letting him off the hook for various attorneys who have no standards and have not done their jobs.



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