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Progress in struggle: 1990s documents

April 16, 2010

I am pleased that in recent weeks, a decisive portion of the professional national security community, a separate swath of the intelligence community and now non-intelligence community intellectuals have gained access to some documents from the late 1990s in connection to what I refer to derisively as Che-Libs. They have given me Aesopian confirmation of being able to participate in what was only a small circle of debaters.

For the most part, obtuse racism as demonstrated on the labor aristocracy and superprofits questions blocked my struggle of the late 1990s. Supposed Marxists who did not give a hoot when there was no evidence for white worker exploitation also naturally did not give a hoot when a middle-class professional like myself ended up lynched. The people involved were gullible and presumptuous racists of the sort who did not EVER think to ask me about the CIA, KGB and U.$. military intelligence involvement in the story presumptuous people thought they understood.

Perhaps the only successful thing I did was say so many outrageous things that people collected the struggle to hard drives. Especially of note I did get British government attention, which is important not because the Brits are leading anti-militarists but because the British government might have had specific objections to the peculiar deal going down and had no vested interests in the Democrats per se. Alternatively, perhaps a portion of the British government was involved in the whole scheme.

Now people are picking up on various racist nuances of that struggle that I had not mentioned. This is a bright spot. In the old days, struggles like mine would have disappeared under the rug.

I have increasing confidence that though I may have sold my own ethnic group short by not taking up intra-bourgeois professional struggles and allowing myself to be sullied, there are now increasing percentages of people who are taking up the struggle.

As a recent You Tube video about Michael Jackson saying he was assassinated asks, I also ask what the agenda was for running a Black candidate with a background in lynching. An example of one answer that comes to mind is again the KKK, which long ago took to appearing with Black nationalist leaders to advocate for a white national state and Black national state. MIM also supports national liberation, but we have not called for any lynchings.

According to recent “Rasmussen Reports” polls, the public does not support the liberals, conservatives or center but seeks self-government. That is Rasmussen’s explanation for the turbulence in politics we see. Connected to that could be that the youth are increasingly oppressed nationalities that may want to go their own way in self-determination of nations, whether they consciously know that or not.

It may seem odd to readers that ANY Blacks would join a group with KKK ideologies, but it has in fact happened and there are records to that effect. The “RCP” marched with the KKK in the Boston school integration struggle and published self-criticism along those lines, self-criticism MIM would ordinarily honor, except that we see the follow-up with Islamophobia and my lynching. There is no doubt that there are some Blacks in the “RCP.”

Well it’s not too much mystery. The “RCP” has a multi-million dollar budget. People like Obama and other organizers are paid. The only mystery is why various “activists” do not question the source of money and the motivations of the leaders, and this in connection to a newspaper repeatedly kissing William Kunstler’s ass.


Arne Duncan and the media

April 16, 2010

Education Secretary Arne Duncan should answer some simple questions, no in depth innuendo required.

1. When he talks about providing “access” to Black and Latino students, does he believe that scholarships for Asian-Amerikans should be eliminated?

2. If there is a merit scholarship for various minorities, does he believe it a good decision to eliminate the Asian-Amerikan one and turn the scholarship into a need-based one for Blacks and Latinos?

3. If a scholarship has already been awarded does he not think that changes and policy should go through new funding and new policies, rather than backstabbing existing scholars who need continuous funding but also post-graduate professional gathering? In other words, even if one wanted to eliminate Asian-Amerikan scholarships can that not be done with a change in emphasis of new monies?

Rodney King, ad hominem attacks and distinguishing lifestyle from power

April 8, 2010

As Obama brings out endless ad hominem attacks on me, it’s useful to remember the standard of Willie Horton. He was a convicted murderer. That is the cause of a supreme ad hominem attack as to whether he should have been used in a 1988 Bush campaign ad. Nothing Obama has on me is going to match that. It goes to show a racist, anti-Asian standard in applying ad hominem attacks. That’s not surprising because ad hominem attacks are stock in trade in fascist movements.

In point of fact, Bush’s argument in 1988 was that Dukakis was soft on crime. In that context, Horton’s being a murderer was a relevant, not illogical point. Nonetheless, we at MIM and in the liberal media generally believed the ad was no good as “lynching,” because of the history of this country. Both money and career power were at stake, and the media was right to come down against it.

The British Guardian recently pointed out the same thing in an article titled as follows:
“Inside the closed ranks of Scotland Yard’s top secret deep infiltration squad

For four years, Officer A lived a secret life among anti-racist activists as they fought brutal battles with the police and the BNP. Here he tells of the terrifying life he led, the psychological burden it placed on him and his growing fears that the work of his unit could threaten legitimate protest.”

About Rodney King, the Guardian pointed out in that context:

“In this video, Rodney King is referred to as an ‘innocent motorist’ but we should clarify that he was driving while under the influence of alcohol and had led the police on a high-speed chase because he was on parole for a previous robbery conviction. None of this justifies the beating he received.”

In an ad hominem attack, the illogical persyn changes the subject from a question of substance (an argument) to a question attacking the speaker of the argument. In the above, the Guardian recognizes two separate questions, thereby successfully maintaining logical distinctions.

A critical mass of the country was able to make logical distinctions in the Rodney King case. When talking about what paid state professionals do, it is not relevant to bring up every detail from a persyn’s persynal life.

Some people see my struggle as an excuse to have a lifestyle movement covering every aspect of life with no element of paid professionals involved. In this way, they cover up for spies, bad cops etc. If I were to lay out my complaints against all the individual whites in my life, we’d never have any focus and we’d never get done. What does the most good for society is to focus on where power backs racism or sexism.

The reason Obama is an Oreo racist and anyone can be a racist is by applying power to back up white ethnocentrism. If Rodney King didn’t do his homework in sixth grade, that’s not relevant in discussion of what paid professionals do to him. People who raise that sort of attack are proving their racism.

Before joining a discussion of racism and sexism, one should have a sense of proportion. That means distinguishing what people were paid to do from ordinary lifestyle conflicts people have in everyday life. My lyncher number one gave benefit to two Democratic campaigns and her handler says she received a large sum of money. My lyncher number two was paid by the first union that endorsed Obama. Lyncher number three tried to draw my attention to money from the Democratic Party to shut me up. I am not just picking on three white females for lifestyle aberrations, so I hope people will not respond in that manner.

The Congress is also well aware that more professionals involving money or career motivations were involved. Yet the Congress failed to take action. In the Cultural Revolution, the extremists most useful in restoring capitalism also could not draw the distinction between power and lifestyle. When Mao said to focus on the people in power on the capitalist road and thereby ask questions about policy and overall direction of society, ultra-leftists attacked everyone on lifestyle grounds, thereby letting the capitalist-roaders off the hook. The rightists drew the most benefit.


On Tokenism by Obama

February 28, 2010

Son of Taiwanese immigrants Goodwin Liu has been nominated by Obama for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

There are some who believe that Obama’s appointments of Asian-descended people make up for lynching one to get elected. This notion is false on several levels.

First as in the case for the inclusion of sexual orientation in the hate crimes bill, there is nothing particularly notable about appointing Asian-descended people. It happens under Republicans and Democrats. It would happens under Biden or Jesse Jackson too.

Secondly, it’s not just that my lyncher and associates are involved in more scandals than with just me. It’s also that this spectacular lynching serves as an inspiration to blue state fascists across the country for lynchings big and small, and that is something a judge Liu could never make up for. The Democratic Party has clearly demonstrated that lynching earns the very highest reward possible.

Thirdly, the atmosphere of the appointments is especially noxious. Every Asian-descended appointee is only there under the condition of silence on lynching of Asian-unAmerikkkans, an atmosphere of utmost intimidation.

World War II Nazis and Soviet occupation: more on the gender angle

November 5, 2009

On October 6, Barbara Stelzl-Marx gave a talk at Harvard University regarding her book on the Soviet occupation of Austria after World War II. She explained how under Stalin some Austrian spies including females ended up executed.

Nazi propaganda included a photo of a man with East Asian features standing with a machine-gun on German ruins. The idea was that Soviet troops would inevitably draw from the East and thus Germany was in a racial war for survival, in case there were any Nazis with no disdain for Slavic peoples.

She also pointed out that the Austrians and Soviet troops accused each other of spreading venereal disease.

No, I don’t know if Barbara Stelzl-Marx is related to Karl Marx.

S. Korea signs deal with European Union

October 19, 2009

On October 15, the European Union and S. Korea concluded a record trade deal.

Iran also recently spoke favorably of Korean unity in the context of Korean-Iranian trade.

The Democrats in Congress sidelined a free trade agreement with Korea in the Bush administration. The Amerikan Democrats answer to the labor aristocracy on trade questions more than Bush did and they are thus additionally contributing to the global economic downturn.


Allegorical update

August 21, 2009

1. Since 2007, the Putin “macho” summer photos have had connection to me. I had written an article on “macho” and my lynching on the old and I had been followed in private life surveillance.

To see some of the discussion, has a very interesting article. Only small bits of substance gets conveyed in these messages but much of the verbal context.

Putin is not the only foreign leader sending messages via photo op.

2. Another article talking about entitlement reviews an Obama speech:

“At a recent Colorado town hall, University of Colorado at Boulder student Zach Lahn asked President Obama how private insurers could be expected to compete with a public health care plan. Lahn, 23, also told Obama, ‘I’d love to have a debate just all out, anytime, Oxford-style, if you’d like’ on health care.”

Obama responded something about Chutzpah.

“Middle-aged rant” by Debra J. Saunders,

This is all about one too many cards I had these past couple years, one that Obama just had to latch onto and keep alive.

For my part, I complained even before my lynching about someone I was told was an Oxbridge man, apparently too young to be a controller. I said even then that I objected to no other, and that he and another problem cost a friendship, but even when caught some people feel entitled.

By the historical rules of this lynching, the older controllers/parents or whoever get the blame and young ones go scott-free when caught. Obviously those are rules which perpetuate lynching. Just think about it: do you think political elites still want those kinds of rules? Do you think even Latin American leaders want to think, “if they do that to a U.S. citizen with no job, what would they do with us in government positions and our families?”

I do think Debra J. Saunders should look at Obama’s sense of entitlement too. Putin sends symbolic messages no matter what he does, but the discussion here occurs in shrouded language with de facto racist impact. It’s not enough to know English to follow these conversations and that’s how they benefit the power structure as it exists. Asian-Amerikans are largely first and second-generation English speakers not used to ‘ole boy talk and they will pay the most heavily in the workplace for this kind of unaccountable discussion.

I didn’t hear them make jokes against the Jena 6

August 19, 2009

Somewhere there might be a “shock jock” (radio announcer) who made a joke against the Jena 6; although, with the case of Imus in the news, such shock jocks are probably becoming rarer. I have heard racist shock jocks, but none making a joke about the Jena 6 so far.

A couple months ago, the Boston radio station WAAF, 107.3 made a joke about a half-Korean while splicing in some mockery of my comments regarding my lynching. The details spliced in come from surveillance, not anything I said in public. This is an example of how anti-Asian racism is accepted in the entertainment media and Democratic Party apparatchiks running the supposedly non-entertainment media. There are many more.

The Jena 6 involved the hanging of a noose from a tree, but it did not involve any specific false rape allegation to prompt negative consequences for Blacks. However, the media came down for the Jena 6, because it involved Blacks attacked in a red state, and Blacks vote 90% for the Democratic Party. The media and Democratic Party are not anti-racist, just pro-Democratic Party.

Lynndie England just went on television claiming that her torture of Arabs was no big deal. She gains support from all those Freudian Liberals and pseudo-leftists in the pocket of the Democratic Party who think nothing of public pornography, violation of sexual privacy and sexual humiliation. It’s the same reason that redone photos of Palin in a bikini toting a shotgun are so popular — sick Liberal sexuality.

We do not hear the Pope saying anything for Lynndie England, but then these same stupid liberals wonder why people turn to Christianity and various right-wing ideologies. It’s too bad that the Democrats attacked our media so that we cannot get out a message for a real independent Left.

There are many robotic pseudo-leftists who will do something about the Jena 6, because the New York Times said it really happened. What we do not have is a real Left able to think for itself. I turned to the ACLU repeatedly over a period of years, only not to get a phone call in return. The reason is that the corporate media did not declare that my case actually existed.

Asian-unAmerikkkans must stand independently and build their own media. When it comes to sexual and white collar competition matters, racism against Asians is the greatest inside U.$. borders. Lynndie England can torture Iraqis and wind up with a book deal two years later, because there is no real politics here, no real Left in contention, just various forms of pornographic discourse. This is not a reason to become apolitical, but it is a reason to accept that there is self-reliant work that has to be done.

Anti-Asian racism: High-tech jobs or lower admissions standards for locals?

August 5, 2009

Thanks to the Liberal media spying on my private life, and Democrats using lynching of Asian-Amerikans to prove their bona fides to whites, I’ve had to get involved in some intra-bourgeois conflicts. Lenin probably would have chided me for not making more out of intra-bourgeois conflicts on the national question, but we have tried to steer clear of identity politics at MIM and we are afraid that people cannot tell the difference between asserting correctness because of a racial identity and asserting an anti-racist struggle. I am asserting that I am correct in my anti-racist struggle, but not because of who I am.

The whole admissions of Asian ethnic students question is among exploiters in the United $tates. Nonetheless, the national question and discrimination is involved. The way this question should be framed to the provincialists is: do you want the top-paying jobs or the lower admissions standards for locals?

We have already said that Idaho Community College should stay Idaho Community College and there is no point in having Asians complain about not having footprint there. Idaho is disproportionately white and so local colleges should serve local students.

The University of Michigan is a different case. There, the administrators convinced themselves that they are heading a “world class” university. When my merit-based scholarship was abolished for the whole Big Ten plus the University of Chicago while I was still on it, but only for Asian-Amerikans and not the other three non-white groups, one administrator even fought it to no avail.

The “world class” self-label is beneficial in recruiting scholars and hence research money. Research money in turn means employment. High-paying employment is good for local commerce ranging from the hardware store to restaurants.

One does not usually think of Ann Arbor, Michigan as a job magnet, but it is, in some years surpassing Detroit for employment. Last I checked, it was Detroit 325,000 jobs to Ann Arbor, 310,000 jobs — not much difference though Detroit is much larger.

These sorts of intra-bourgeois conflicts are very similar to conflicts over trade. Sometimes one side does not accurately acknowledge what it is getting from trade, and it is hard to sort out bourgeois selfishness from racism or national chauvinism. The New York Times was active in stoking anti-Asian racism related to trade at the time I attended the University of Michigan.

Just as in their warmongering against Iran, Amerikkkans do not know when to shut up on trade. Their egotism on economic matters translates into egotism in political matters — careerism and persynality cults. Amerikkkans underestimate the benefits they receive from their international business dealings and likewise, liberal Democrats have yet to see clearly on why universities claiming to be world class could or should end up more than 50% Asian. We do not see any white liberals coming forward to say the obvious: they’re too wrapped up in protectionist views of trade and likewise lower admissions standards for locals, even in universities making a bid for top 20 status.

Charles Schumer and the Mideast

July 29, 2009

In a previous article we mentioned how Schumer is the liberal Democrat senator from New York who is a member of the Zionist lobbygroup AIPAC. When he saw the international united front landing hammer blows on the Bush administration, he joined in to make sure that Zionists also obtained some credit with the election of Democrats in 2008. Schumer’s contribution was to make a bank go under.

That is standard operating procedure for diplomacy — not to let the credit go all to one side.

Schumer was also behind another effort responding specifically to MIM articles on Bubba and oil prices. We had pointed out before that it is dubious whether there is even a price elasticity for oil, because spending for oil is so inflexible. Part of the equation is that Bubba would rather drive a pickup truck than admit to Japanese superiority in sedans.

Schumer noticed and sought to bribe Bubba to drive a sedan by arranging the “cash for clunkers” program that takes old inefficient gas-guzzlers off the road and gives Bubba a $3500 or $4500 incentive to get a car with miles per gallon above 20. In effect, the federal government now borrows money from Japan to bribe Bubba out of anti-Japanese racism. At this moment, we do not know how well the program will work.

In the 1980s, anti-Japanese chauvinism rose and passed anti-Soviet chauvinism in the Gorbachev era, according to polls. The New York Times reported one in 1990:

“Older Americans, those with more direct memories of World War II, are more likely than younger ones to express negative views toward Japan. But nearly one in five younger Americans now say they have an unfavorable view.

“Fears Voiced in Colorado

“When Jennifer Albright of Denver buys a ticket on the ski lift, she frets that the money is leaving Colorado and going to the resort’s new owners, in Japan, she said.

”’I think they’re buying up a lot of the United States,’ said Ms. Albright, a 25-year-old accountant for a printing company in Denver. Ms. Albright made her comments in an interview in the poll and expanded on her answer a few days later. ‘I know they are here in Colorado. We’ve lost several ski resorts and real estate properties. It seems like they’re investing a lot of money in our country and not letting us do that in theirs. It seems the United States isn’t reinvesting in our own country and we’re letting other countries buy us up. Bush needs to do something to stop it.’ . . .

“The latest rise in antagonism toward Japan coincides neatly with the decline in fear of the Russians and the soaring popularity of President Mikhail S. Gorbachev in this country. But the response is more complicated than a simple replacement of one foreign enemy with another; what Americans themselves make clear is that the end of the cold war has freed them to worry about other problems.

”’The Russians aren’t the threat they used to be,’ said Anthony Peone, 39, of Brockport, N.Y. ‘We ought to quit subsidizing Japan.'”

That’s how it was in 1990.

Now the imperialists have realized they have to prioritize their anti-Arab chauvinism above anti-Japanese chauvinism; although, we have yet to see whether that can really work.

The New York Times discussed MIM’s idea about the problem of oil prices and the dollar allegorically before the cash-for-clunkers program.

The cash-for-clunkers program is a specific imperialist attempt to influence the labor aristocracy and prepare U.$. imperialism for the next phase of class struggle. It’s an example of how the international united front should not dawdle, because eventually, even Bubba and glaciers do move.

MICHAEL ORESKES, “Poll Detects Erosion of Positive Attitudes Toward Japan Among Americans,”
New York Times 6Feb90, p. b7.