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Geopolitical update

March 25, 2010

Just before the healthcare vote, someone threatened to out Obama for the third party infiltration gambit I have written on. However, the claim by the press supposedly pointing to Robert Gates at the Pentagon was that the third party doing the outing should not have a grudge. Readers will recall that I myself did no particular maneuvering in the nine days leading up to the health vote.

Hence, the healthcare bill has passed and there is no reason for a grudge by Avakian anymore. Yet, we do not see Avakian and a secret service step forward. On the other hand, Putin did just push through an arms deal with the United $tates.

Pelosi has now said that Obama’s threat to resign is the model going forward. The Republicans deserve what they got for being too anti-communist to stand for the civil rights of people like me, but the Pelosi formula is no good for the international proletariat going forward.

The Tea Party movement was wrong to target Obama’s Marxism: there was no worker uprising or worker control at stake. So the Tea Party movement should have asked, “where is Obama REALLY getting his support?” Even at face-value what he is trying to do is force rich youth to shoulder more of the burden of the older generation’s healthcare, in what is an inter-generational transfer of wealth greater than the federal deficit, but he is doing that with state power for corporate profits–the corporatist formula of fascism, not Marxism. The Tea Party should always calm down and ask itself, “do you see any worker uprising? Are factories being taken over? Who is Obama really giving benefit to?” If the Tea Party movement would stick with reality, it would be more effective in its opposition to fascism.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is arguing that they will be shooting to make a deal with the Taliban after the war against the Taliban has tipped now that Obama has sent more troops to Afghanistan.

“‘The shift of momentum is not yet strong enough to convince the Taliban leaders that they are, in fact, going to lose,’ said Gates. ‘And it is when they begin to have doubts about whether they can be successful that they may be willing to make a deal. And I do not think we are there yet,’ he said.(1)”

Ever since Obama agreed to send more troops to Afghanistan, Gates has spoken forcefully on Obama’s behalf.

As we head into the important decisions of this week, the international proletariat should be aware of the special deal and unity of imperialists in attacking Afghanistan. This is a factor that has to be considered.

The international proletariat should skip all the corrosive Liberal pornography spewed by the U.$. media and focus on the overall balance of geopolitical forces and strategy. It is correct that the international proletariat is on the offensive this week. “Seize the time” is important for us. The cards are on the table as they rarely are, but they have to be pulled into play the right way.

In other news I received three more bits of information I was not expecting after the healthcare vote:

  • I received Aesopian confirmation on the beating (of someone else) I mentioned.
  • There was recognition of identity theft problems.
  • I received answers to questions I asked, much to my surprise.

    Gates has indicated that he has a variety of tools at his disposal. That’s why it was especially stupid for the Obaconites not to reconcile with me BEFORE 2008. Not only was it stupid, but also it was complicity in war crimes.

    Some may feel that I err in not playing along with psychological games of the imperialists; however, the winning course is behaviorist, not ad hominem, at least when it comes to the national bourgeoisie and other leaders of the international proletariat. We pay attention to behaviors and patterns in them in fact, not mostly individual motivations. It’s easy to get sidetracked into the national, class and gender oppression of the system otherwise.


  • Aesopian update

    March 23, 2010

    Contrary to rumors, there was no rider stuck in the healthcare bill about me. I did a search on 2409 pages here:

    For that matter, I have not seen ANY accurate foreshadowing in the media recently except for the departure of a Goldman Sachs deal maker from the Obama administration. That is something multiple papers in the British press did correctly foreshadow, in between the lines.

    You are better off reading MIM, because our predictions come true.

    I received another Aesopian confirmation of something I said before about the intertwining of military intelligence people in my case, a young male (at the time) in this instance. The reason I keep referring people to my article on Dennis Ross is that that is the overarching geopolitical situation that accounts for many small acts on the ground circa 1991.

    Humor for the day

    March 3, 2010

    There is no one who has written with a greater fury against pseudo-feminism than I have. Nonetheless, we have a couple people who have yet to write a lick on the topic of gender that are egging me on further or make claims that could only come from having taken greater action.

    For me there is a huge persynal cost to having a dismal image of white females. I grew up in white neighborhoods and can count the number of mixed bloods relevant to me in early life on my hand. In the past couple weeks, I heard stories so bad that I imagined they could only be purposeful efforts to drive me over the edge — and here I am speaking of images of white females readers probably would not guess.

    On a rational level, I can read others and realize that half-bloods pay a different price in this situation. It’s one thing to know on a scientific level that the intersection of gender and race has a long way to go. On that score I say no one has done better than me and my writing shows it. It’s another thing to assert there is always no persynal cost for confronting or even compiling the truth. People should spare me the irrelevant ad hominem attacks, especially when unaccompanied by even 0.1% written accountability compared with mine.

    That goes for any other topic. Be prepared to show you did more if you are going to launch persynal attacks against me.

    Reading tips

    February 27, 2010

    If one starts at the Drudge Report and one knows Democratic Party interest groups pretty well (without the “New York Times” or “NPR”), then one can skip over to the British Guardian these past couple weeks to see back-and-forth volleys.

    Senator Harry Reid or someone else will say something to attack me. Then at the “Guardian,” someone says something Aesopian.

    However, as one can see, Kanada, New Zealand and Au$tralia did not respond to my request for support against untouchable status. Gordon Brown has taken it upon himself to deliver intelligence-type messages, but Britain also did not take a stand.

    We are left with the gains against pornography and the collapse of the Dutch government as what we have to show for the struggle so far.

    Sudden acceleration: need for a different hypothesis?

    February 26, 2010

    Senator Lamar Alexander attacked Obamacare on the 24th: “This is a car that can’t be recalled and can’t be fixed.”(1)

    The original concern was over five deaths in Toyotas. The number expanded in further investigation: “Regulators believe floor mats are linked to at least five U.S. crash deaths, with 29 other consumer reports under review alleging fatalities associated with unintended acceleration.”(2)

    Given how many Toyotas are out there on the road, that sounds like about the number due for mafia and secret service difficulties. We scientists like fatalities per 100,000 miles driven compared out among vehicles. Then we would like to see results accounting for the age and other characteristics of drivers.

    It could be hard to find a design or implementation flaw if unsolved crime is the underlying problem.


    Daily update

    February 22, 2010

    Mark Penn.

    Have a nice day Krugman.


    Daily update

    February 11, 2010

    We had a series of admissions in the last 48 hours.

    Let me concur that either zero or two Black females were sent in the last four years to check on me, and the two were not into it if they were sent. 20 years ago, there were no Black females sent, but the calculation would have been that another race would be more credible for lynching purposes, and let’s admit they had their way with the issue 20 years: it worked.

    Plus there was also one Black female sent via dating network to convey post-hoc child pornography threats against me on behalf of Obama and Holder.

    So in other words, this was a gravy train for white females. And now “Newsweek” has also pointed out that among my friends they and their friends are getting promotions. Let me concur that as far as I know, none of those promotions went to Black females. So the gravy train is both short-term and long-term building of the ‘ho structure surrounding me.

    Some other papers are still parsing what I mean by desire. I do think it’s catching on, but it will be a long time before what I said on that will really be accepted, the MIM line via MacKinnon. It’s not just a criticism of male dominance and enjoyment of power but also criticism of how females give up any intrinsic idea of pleasure (if they had any to begin with) and take up facsimiles of male desire artificially produced by the ‘ho structure.

    In the 1930s there was much money, some Soviet, for U.$. union organizing. In the 1960s, there was the draft and an overwhelming demographic youth bulge. In my generation and more recent generations there is a huge increase in funding for government-related international work. It’s not really so far of a leap to say an average communist girlfriend would have been a stay-at-home housekeeper or union activist or sympathizer in the 1930s and a covert CIA or other state operative in more recent years. The problem is that the state now has various hooks and an increasing proportion of the population with no idea what it means to be independent of the state politically.

    As to other allegations, I already answered them with mathematical precision my critics probably cannot understand on the Asian-unAmerikkkan website page taken down by the conveyor belts to and from the imperialist state known as and “Revolution Books.”

    Liberal international equality and daily update

    February 10, 2010

    The things happening in my life are spooking people globally. However, I would not be too quick to draw equal parallels between despotism here and despotism elsewhere.

    Russia has a history of doing things parallel to the United $tates in the 1956-1991 period, but few other countries really can. And within the Third World it’s an apples and oranges comparison.

    Asking for government accountability is much more important with a country that runs several others. It should happen in real time. In some countries there may not be as much life and death conflict internally, because military roles are vastly diminished. If there is a lazy politics in that situation, a lack of accountability, it’s not exactly the same thing; although, of course we still want other nations to enjoy accountable government too.

    1. I certainly know enough not to deny what happened in home entertainment.

    2. When I drove her home, I told the reputed Catholic professional that she was CIA or otherwise knew who I was. She told me she was my worst enemy and ended by referencing an article Caroline Kennedy also referenced of mine about counterrevolutionaries.

    3. My best guess about what they are telling me today is that the evening with the alleged Catholic professional was indeed an attempt to create another scandal; albeit a small one with something in Washington in mind. I’d ask Congress to set the record straight on that as well.

    It looks like Democrats used the scandal to release some program for the war on Afghanistan.

    Let’s hand it to the Republicans too, because Senator Shelby made a trade on nominations: “Shelby wants an Air Force aerial refueling tanker and a new FBI explosives center to be built in Alabama.” Susan Estrich has pointed out that Republicans have 41 votes in the Senate now, which means Democrats can’t remake health programs without them.

    So what they’re trying to say is that the Democrats and Republicans are working on their minor political football questions and it takes time. Krugman and the Establishment press are admitting the government is close to completely dysfunctional. Well, youth should be grossed out.

    The bad thing about parliamentary sluggishness is it encourages a fascist movement. We do a slower, more high-tech fascism here in the United $tates, because we’re older and richer than Germany was.

    4. The handler for my lyncher was in vehement denial that Reagan had anything to do with her activity. She showed no sign of being aware of that possibility till after my columns, if then. I still have not seen any admissions to that effect, not that I have looked in the last year or so. It was “FDR Democrat” all the way, right in line with Obama.

    If someone were going to say something, it would have to be career people in the foreign service and intelligence and the Brits. Clearly the Brits knew before 9/11. The Brits should think about a parliament resolution, create a deadline.


    Daily update

    February 10, 2010

    1. In reply to Kristof, there was genocide before the existence of fascism. Today in the united $tates, Arabs and Islam occupy the bottom according to surveys.

    Fascism requires the monopoly stage of capitalism seen in rich countries.

    Suggesting a Western solution to Rwanda is like watching Japanese, Italian and German troops land in I$ratine. No doubt there is a serious problem more important than the pure numbers involved, but when one reaches that point, one should realize there is something wrong.

    2. Yeah, Reagan played football, maybe without a helmet. Now we have Mathematical Application Deficiency Disease (MADD).

    Maybe he made some brave bourgeois decisions: hat’s off to him.

    Daily update

    February 8, 2010

    First we have the week in review.

    I complained about again; the media and some countries supported me; I snarled at the federal government and Obama took the opportunity to weaken Palestinian cards. In tandem, the “New York Times” had multiple desperate snits. That’s where we are now with the “New York Times” eating up lynching in a desperate bid to save the Democrats.

    It’s not likely that Palestinians are unaware of what is going on, given Al Qaeda cells on Palestinian territory.

    The only thing the Democrats are going to be able to do is show people how lacking seriousness they are in anything they do.

  • Putin said the following; “‘You cannot turn into ‘Mr. Promises,’ who makes promises just to pull the wool over people’s eyes, to break into positions of power, and then goes about solving his own personal problems without thinking about fulfilling your promises.'” “Personal problems” is how the RCP=CIA termed my lynching that Obama used. There had to be some explanation in the interim years leading up to the recent climax of struggle.

    Putin also paraphrased Mao on the importance of the correct line while simultaneously rubbing in that in his speeches he was being more Liberal than what the United $tates is practicing at the moment.

    Obama stupidly promised to close Gitmo AND simultaneously used the lynching card instead of uncovering it in exchange for nothing when I advised. Now the desperate Democrats try to take that out of my hide. As usual, being unprincipled does have consequences.