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Aesopian update

April 13, 2010

The following are criminal references appearing in the media. The object is a criminal conspiracy against my civil rights including preparing perjured testimony through rehearsal, rehearsals of extortion and rehearsals of sexual defamation. If it becomes necessary I will explain these references.

1. Poor William, there have been a few references in the media including in Britain to me as “Shakespeare.” The bourgeoisie sees my life as “tragic” in connection to ex-girlfriends.

2. There have been references in the media suggesting extortion of ex-MC12. Of course, with me as lightning rod, the suggestions are to make me look bad by inventing a story about our interactions.

On the other hand, the strategy of the Republican Party activists at this time is to show that it agrees with MIM as much as possible, that Bush and others did not extort us in their time in office. That way the burden is on Obama and Clinton to come up with the specifics of their racket.

The practice of rehearsing extortion, perjury and sexual defamation is broadly condoned at the “New York Times,” “NPR,” and other mainstream news outlets. Conservatives have offered the explanation that they do not wish to go into this subject by name unless forced, because they would have to give a hearing to the fascists, and the conservatives so far have opted for the strategy of ignoring the fascists to make their publicity decrease. That does not mean the conservatives cannot do an about-face.

In broad outline, the Democratic strategy against me is to rely on Euro-Amerikan presumptions backed by Twinkies, Oreos, Coconuts and Radishes.
1. Sexual presumptions
2. Presumptions about how MIM organizes the finances of its media
3. The presumption that I have no privacy rights on grounds of defamer “free speech.”

The claim is also being made that bipartisan agreements such as the telecomm wiretapping agreement in Congress block me from opening classified files for the foreseeable future, and hence, the Republicans and Democrats have the right to rehearse their “campaign” lies against MIMers. Of course, in a court system properly set up, the two major parties would not have the right against a minority to withhold FOIA information, just because they are the major parties. I have filed a limited FOIA with the FBI and Department of Justice and another FOIA with the Department of Defense.

I would like to assure the most recent ex-comrades that it will be relatively easy for me to show that there was extortion in connection to their activity.