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International united front update

April 8, 2010

The Obama approval rating fell faster than for any president in the first year in office in the last 50 years.(1) That is thanks to the international united front, not anything spectacular anyone did here, just as was the case for Bush Jr.’s decline in popularity.

Nonetheless, the Obama counterrevolution is the most difficult burden the international united front will ever face from a U.S. president, because the Obama presidency had the design of giving fatal Kool Aid to the movements of the oppressed, from within.

I’ve been approached by three or four mainstream foreign policy organizations. I have not joined, mostly because I do not wish to send an incorrect signal to the international united front on the prospects for diplomacy. What I see is that Amerika would like to be weaker economically before it makes a serious deal. Instead of through clever tactics and diplomats, balance will occur through a general shift in power over years of time.

On a practical level, too much time can go into reading Aesopian drivel of the Western Liberals in their media. Too little of it proves accurate to be worth the time. When I was 18, the “Harvard Crimson” was already covering me in that snide between-the-lines way of the Liberal intellectuals. If we spend too much time with these intellectuals in their career parsing, we will miss out on studying the large trends of history and we will end up ineffective like Avakian-Obama-Kasama robots.

Recently I recommended that the international united front send some intellectuals with the purpose of producing feminist revolutionary leaders here, 10, 20 or even 50 years down the road if it takes a second generation to really absorb the culture. I suspect we are going to see a wave along these lines from Asian-unAmerikkkans, pretty soon, 10 or 20 years from now.

I see others from the Third World training in diplomacy here. That’s good, but if we have people with the academic inclinations, I still think they should study the overall picture as deeply as they can. That way power dynamics will be understood before one takes up diplomacy.

I’ve cut back reading news 95% and hope to right my financial situation and do cultural work. I’m simply too outnumbered by racist extremists here to do otherwise. I’m still proud of my achievements. I do not believe I took too isolationist a road. Reality is just an uneven battle here.

It is not an easy choice to give up on diplomacy. At this moment, I am looking at the international middle forces as the main reason to take up diplomacy. I believe two or three countries have the power to shape the next few years, with relatively easy action in the next month, or two or three. If I see that, then I may return to foreign policy and join a mainstream group for professional purposes. It’s unlikely that the imperialists are going to give me what I asked for directly, so it will have to be middle forces.

I hope the middle forces did not drink the Kool Aid, but one has to consider the possibility. To see that, one must not have so many chefs spoiling the soup.

If I do take up professional duties in foreign affairs this spring or summer, readers should see it as a career change, not a line change. It would be out of respect for international middle forces and the leverage they provide for an individual.

I’m on break and trying to shift away from political and foreign affairs work. It seems to me we enter a period in which the proletariat will be on offensive, possibly without the degree of middle forces support one would hope for. If that is the case, Amerika may find itself decline nonetheless, and the proletariat can look at diplomacy several years or a decade down the road.



King Arthur’s court

March 9, 2010

The comment about “King Arthur’s court” by Obama refers to the third lyncher in my list.

The Obama camp is admitting the same racist Pilgrim of first lyncher fame is also involved with the third. When Axelrod says not to give a “rat’s ass” about the court intrigue, he is making an Aesopian reference of “rat” to the racist Pilgrims.

The third lynching was attempted with Democratic spin in 2010. The Army and CIA were quick to shoot it down via Aesopian language, the Army with references to people who need alcohol and drug counseling.

So you our readers see the Aesopian conversation now. Below is something of a skit about realities involved.

International United Front (IUF) rep in Iraq: What’s this I hear about Henry Park now? You mean to tell me you did not have Henry Park under 24/7 surveillance in 2008? Are any of you Amerikkkans not full of shit?

Peace liaison of the U.S. Army: I’ll get back to you.

U.S. Army liaison (female): OK, of course we did have Henry Park under surveillance. We’re not stupid. So did several other countries.

IUF rep in Iraq:
So why is the Democratic Party lynching him now? What kind of new war preparation is this screwing over the Palestinians?

U.S. Army liaison: I don’t know.

Hillary Clinton: Let’s ask Henry Park whether he favors military dictatorship.

Henry Park: Fabricating rape charges and other sexual scandals is not dissent. It’s lynching.

Democrats in the U.$. media: Whisper, whisper, OK, maybe we ought to give diplomacy its due, and we know that those racist Pilgrims are in fact no good anyway.

Henry Park: Whether campaign or not, there is no place for lynching. When are you going to acknowledge the pattern? The lynching of 1989-1991 is over. There was never any process. You can’t change it now with rumors.

U.S. Army liaison to IUF in Iraq: OK, the CIA and the Army did get right on it and tell the media they were full of shit. The military did not intend to create a certain impression; although, everyone was looking for a distraction at a certain point as Japan pointed out.

Update on the pattern of lynching

March 8, 2010

I had asked the U.$. media and Congress to break a story on a pattern of lynching in my life. Specifically, I asked about three white females.

We’ve now had Aesopian confirmation from the government, media and campaigners regarding all three, including one Aesopian confirmation from the lyncher herself.

There has also been a discussion of other females paid to spy on me, including those who do not make accusations.

There is abundant evidence to pass a Congress resolution on a “pattern of lynching,” but it has not happened. If Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch were worth anything for the United $tates, they already would have denounced the use of lynching as a regular tactic by the Democratic Party.

The organizations in question and the Congress have entrenched interests making it difficult to acknowledge what is now far and away obvious as a pattern. That is why the Aesopian buzz never makes it into action.

Iraq, Senator Bunning and my candidate rights

March 6, 2010

The fact that the U.S. Congress has allowed the elections in Iraq approach without resolving my case regarding oversight of the executive branch can only mean a lack of seriousness in the Congress. Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) is correct, whether for hypocritical individual motivations or not: if the Congress were going to agree on something serious it would have been for the unemployment bill.

The counterargument would be that by putting in a bit on my case in the health bill, the Democrats would be accepting blame for pre-1789 tactics and shaping the bill more. However, the outsider has no choice but to evaluate the behavior, not the chatter or psychological posturing. The Congress allowed the Suu Kyi matter pass by, the Iran deadline pass by and now the Iraqi elections — and if it is on account of me, it is all for things that have been in discussion for years now. If the government were a girlfriend, one would definitely have to dump her for being all smoke, no fire.

It appears that the Senate parliamentarian would strip out a rider if the healthcare bill ends up in reconciliation. In other words, there is no hope down that road either.

It’s important that the Third World continues to make deals among itself and pay no heed to the Amerikkkan fascist model masquerading as liberal democracy. The Third World may not have procedures on paper that Amerikans would like to see, but the Third World countries have their own strengths.

The Democrats have effectively denied me my civil rights yet again. Others are far ahead in advancing their candidacies as of this date. As a matter of accountability and simplification for the international united front, I rule out being an appointee in the government through 2012. I also rule out running as a Republicrat in 2010, which in turn limits my options for 2012. 2017 is fast-approaching.

Asian-descended people need to know the score. We lost that fight for my candidate rights.

Also lost is the future willingness of pundits to be used in State Department negotiations. On this score, the Obakianites show not even a slight glimmer of understanding of the normal workings of diplomacy carried out over long periods of time, including elections. Any pundit or other non-electoral politician in the future called forth into negotiations would have to be a total idiot, because the Democrats would use that to make a totally unknown pundit the object of pornographic ridicule and say it was a campaign question, going back 30 years no less.

The battle for a third or fourth party is not totally lost. I asked for the rich countries and Third World to take action that would have the effect of making government more accountable now.

The Third World is also pressuring the U.S. Government regarding the historical record. That struggle to limit fascism goes on.

The very same racist Democrats who spent hours denouncing Ralph Nader for altering the whole 2000 presidential election are saying there is no point in clearing up government disabling of my candidate rights, because I can’t win. It’s not something one can have both ways: if there is no point in my having candidate rights, there is no point in Democrats’ complaints about Ralph Nader.

The same Democrats who rush abroad to help any candidate ward off government sponsored rumors were quicker to send Joe Biden to get candidates on the Iraq ballot for 2010 than my rights in 2008 or 2010, not to mention 1992. Both parties stand exposed to the whole world for their misleading posturing in 2008 trying to con both Abbas and Iran regarding the possibilities of a deal involving me.

Snarky religious competition and No Aesopian Deals

February 24, 2010

Persynally, I have never seen my 1989-1991 lyncher drunk or stoned that I can remember right now. She insinuated something about drugs without mentioning a drug once. Since the later 1990s, her associates were the ones to paint the picture of a fun-loving drunk.

As far as I know, it’s all acting, and as I’ve said many times, it’s neither here nor there. Nor is her recently alleged Buddhism. You are suckers for fascism if you think so.

What I do have is considerably more evidence that she was cheating on me in the immediate time period relevant while nonetheless making the now infamous accusations.

Reading between the lines in USA Today, I gather the Pope investigated me for something. I have seen commentary at Harvard and abroad that puts me in snarky competition territory. Needless to say, I agree with the Pope’s findings on this question.

I have already promised the Congress I would not run against any of its current members and I have already named who I think the president and vice-president should be and the process for naming them. So I have given up those second-stage considerations for nothing in return. Really I shouldn’t have, but I have because getting the first stage done is important, if one believes that I have been selling Asian-unAmerikkkans short all this time in pushing the Jacobin thing too far.

I am an atheist, just not the sort that believes in bombing the proletariat for believing something. The crackpots including many PhDs supporting that idea I did my best to expose prior to 9/11. I regard them as atheists but tools of the dominant nation, class and religion.

See also, “No Aesopian deals” The stages question raises how the United $tates is now competing with the worst parts of Hinduism in making me an untouchable.

Don’t let me waste anymore U.$. politician time. If they think being lynched is “political” and a horse-trade, I’ve got nothing to say to them. The world is going to learn one way or another the status of citizen rights in the United $tates. If fascist is where it’s going I hope the world intensifies the struggle to starve the beast.

Pornography alert

February 22, 2010

A warning to the international united front that a pornographic U.$. story may break out at any moment. I advise giving it 24 or 48 hours before getting too angry.

I have argued with the media that I am not paid to be involved in national or international politics and that it is wrong to compare me with people who are paid. In addition, I have asked governments to declassify part of what they know so that the media does not go on a crazy racist feeding frenzy.

It’s not to say I would not expect certain attacks or trade-offs if I tried to get to the second stage of my political career struggle, an actual interest in office. If the media does jump ahead, it can expect that I will draw comparisons to relevant standards.

That said, there is no reason to be intimidated by the pornographers.

Liberal communications strategy

February 19, 2010

The bourgeois politicians are teaching me their way of doing things. There was an effort to introduce me to rulers before 9/11, but I backed off. I know the rulers much better now, but I believe the Democrats would have been in character to be too cowardly to abandon their party prior to the Iraq War. In this, they did the sectarian thing, putting the party interest against the world’s interests. Clare Short has alluded to that. The RCP zombies are the purest expression of that problem.

Let me admit that some Bush and Democratic officials probably believe I ignored them too much before 2004. Actually I listen, but I’m not a big fan of the Liberal way of doing things. If that made me seem too airy, pie-in-the-sky, well I’m not sure. Dealing with Liberals has its costs too and we were building that site for the international proletariat, not fine-tuning. At this late age and level of experience I still find it very taxing to deal with Aesopian and Liberal angles. That could have to do with how the Democratic Party now needs to scrutinize the entirety of my sex life and find something wrong with it every step of the way.

Let me also say some of what the Establishment does lately is very fast. They have very fast copy writers and editors. These politicians think fast on their feet. What I have in common with them is that I am a political junkie.

If one wanted to be counterfactual, say about the years 1999-2005, the question arises of how close was I to being able to change something. Had I had one more persyn, say one more Aesopian analyst or one more comrade hyped on security, would MIM have been able to make a difference?

Public opinion on the Iraq War was pretty divided. The problem was that the Democrats as a party of government had taken a hit and had no basis to stick their necks out to oppose the war, and it would have taken a filibuster. How I saw it was that we had an undifferentiated mass of pre-911 warmongers, pseudo-feminists and racists to work with. Then we had a Spectacle, about which no one was going to listen to a communist.

I don’t think I made the decision. I saw Patrick Buchanan on television before the war saying we may need to have a real debate. Supporting the impersynal forces of history view is that no one subpoenaed me for an investigation. The government was not neutral. Clinton had sanctioned Iraq, controlled its airspace and bombed it. Bush wanted more of the same.

I will admit I start to wonder if the Gaza split 2005- was my fault for not coming up with a strategy to deal with the Liberal complications in my life. On the other hand, there were also advantages of sticking with one road.

To say I could have honed an at least a 15% Liberal communications strategy at the turn of the century and maybe rocked the boat, I don’t think so. And I don’t think people remember what the polls and attitudes were like after 9/11. We did much better on the global scale organizing people.

In the end, the international united front is going to have to be the ones to contain U.$. fascism with ongoing pressure. There is no basis here for resounding success. We at MIM organized the main forces without confusing the international proletariat with Liberal nuances. Frankly I don’t believe that our so-called Left milieu here can even tell the difference. Listening to Alinsky and listening to MIM, they don’t see any contrast.

Family values and “No Aesopian deals”

February 16, 2010

  • See “No Aesopian deals”

    The Aesopian effort to blame the victim for a lack of civil rights continues by skipping over the first stage of struggle to the stage of fantasizing an actual run for office. The Establishment media has suggested I trade everything and it continues to make such suggestions in an effort to discredit me.

    I would like to assure the imperialists that if something untoward happens to me regarding second-stage considerations that I vouch to the rest of the world that it’s a different matter than failing in the first stage.

    The idea of running a man my age with no wife and kids for office is pretty much absurd at a sociological level. Add in the unconscious anti-intellectualism and racism out there and no persynal wealth and we’re talking major sociological guarantees for voter discomfort. That’s not to mention that voters don’t like communists, so you have to wonder about the whisperers to begin with.

    If I were to run against a typical candidate with a family and corporate accomplishments, I would have to claim not to be the family values candidate. There have been a number of suggestions how to ameliorate that. On the whole, I’d bet sociology that this question gets decided by photographic appearances, not clever tactics.

    Nonetheless, these are all second-stage questions.

    In any case, some are beginning to see the merit of having me as an historical witness. I know too well the psychological preoccupations of U.$. politics to have thought otherwise. However, the Asian-unAmerikkkan people deserve a public battle to see where the struggle stands. Public accountability tells people where the struggle is at by laying down a marker to compare and contrast. After that there are more important struggles to attend to.

  • No Aesopian deals

    February 7, 2010

    I need to simplify in case there is any worry out there about ambiguity.

    1. I will not make any Aesopian deals with my government-media at this point.

    2. I see myself as carrying out the recivilizing stage of struggle. Hence, I will not make an open deal skipping to the second stage, which is actually running for office. If there is no first stage, there is no second.

    For those who have followed things in Aesopian terms, you’ve seen a lot of Aesopian offers to me as a persyn, none of which have been delivered on over years of time. Even if in some principle it would be possible to do first and second stage deals simultaneously on paper, I would not believe it. What would be needed, what the crypto-Trots are trying to talk me into is an Aesopian deal skipping to the second stage, when I would not even accept a simultaneous Aesopian deal for the second stage after a written first stage.

    If my position is too hardline for anyone out there in the Third World, I apologize. I don’t put much stock in the Liberal capital I’ve been handed and I believe the class struggle should proceed and Asian-unAmerikkkans should take another crack at things later.

    I saw them pass on Suu Kyi and I know they care about her.

    In principle, I would horsetrade with a country in the international united front, but I can’t think of any deal that needs to be made.

    Anyone who follows what I have said the last 15 years knows I’m in character. I’m not going to be intimidated by a lynchmob media or politicians who make accusations before an investigation. At the moment, what I say seems like too much of a rule change for the system to bear.

    The reason I’ve never been given anything in writing in 20 years is that my attackers knew it was something to be used in a campaign in which there would be either total success through their silence or a horse-trade. However, there is not going to be any reward for lynching from me.

    Two stage struggle update

    January 11, 2010

    There seem to be some who think the healthcare bill in Congress can solve some career problems for me.

    I would like to convince the international united front that the struggle has two stages. Let’s credit the Liberals for being the ones to point out that my own right to run for office was destroyed by a fabrication. I would not have thought of it — because I gave up on office at age 18. Within their logic, however, I see the point. We have sunk so low that there is a struggle just for that needed.

    In fact, some historians of slavery have spoken on my case in Aesopian language and noted the similarity with some 18th century practices. (I don’t always name people who support me at arm’s length.) True, I would say the enslavement was attempted enslavement.

    The Democrats are involved in a long list of civil rights related violations, to put this problem in U.$. language. Now we have Republican senators attacking for “double standards” regarding race, where racial mistakes by Democrats do not count or even earn mention. The Republican struggle along these lines is a promising advance.

    The second stage is actually winning office and then changing something that I would uniquely change. There has been a repeated tendency to compare me with people already in office and that leads to many errors when I have not gotten past the first stage yet.

    One thing that happens is that people horse-trade towards the second stage and thereby water down the first stage. For me victory would be changing the rules. Young lynchers do not get to blame their mother for example. That sets the tone for the future, that one might get caught and pay a price. That’s one task of the first stage of the re-civilizing stage of class struggle in the imperialist countries.

    Another task is the bounds of privacy connected to double standards. There needs to be an admission that there is a whole string of spying/extortion going on and that needs to be attacked, not upheld as “democracy.” It’s difficult to do if by one’s pseudo-feminist ideology, one half of the population is never guilty of anything and a minority of the population is subject to 24/7 out-of-context surveillance.

    Finally, there is the task to connect to others at a similar stage of struggle internationally, most notably the Palestinians and Koreans.

    On the one hand, we should always let oppressor systems admit their errors and reward forthcoming people. On the other hand, to the extent that second stage tasks get mixed in, there will be a tendency to create golden parachutes. Golden parachutes might be OK up to a point, but not when they interfere with the completion of first stage tasks.

    That’s why it would be perhaps more thorough for the international united front to initiate the struggle for the U.$. right to hold office and opposing slavery/extortion. Conflicts in Palestine continue to heat up. Though I might take more second stage grief for it, it would be better for the first stage to let the international united front expose what it should expose instead of relying on Congress, if an international actor wants to do something this very minute before Congress does.

    In that context, I’m uncertain of the purpose of certain maneuvers. Now he may say he made some mistakes, but clearly in the last two months Obama attempted to water down Palestinian cards. Therefore, I think it would be entirely appropriate for the answer to come outside U.$. borders too.

    Within intra-bourgeois politics, it goes without saying that Obama should pay the price for lynching, not random members of Congress. Most of that is not up to me, but the Republican Party and Congress.

    I’m perfectly happy as the historical witness, the Willie Horton of our day — someone who does not advance to the second stage but serves as a marker of struggle. If we win the first stage, we can still work for a second stage of revolution years later.

    Another interesting intertwining of the first and second stage is that by vetting out the conspiracies in my past, some members of Congress may think I would run against them; therefore, they would have a self-interest opposing the first stage of revolution. For that problem, I am happy to say I would not run against anyone in the current Congress. It’s an admission that I cannot get to the second stage.

    We have Jesse Jackson, former Gov. Wilder, Ralph Nader etc. who presumably do not owe the kinds of debts to the war machine Obama does. I’m afraid if Obama does not resign first with a date specified for the future, there is not likely to be a successful first stage of struggle via internal U.$. political forces. It is generally better to mobilize with regard to international forces. Perhaps that gives Senator Reid a comparison point so he can see where my analysis comes from, whether he agrees with it or not.