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Generational divide: overreaction to the 1970s

April 16, 2010

We can now see that the whole political trajectory of the “RCP” and the left-wing of parasitism took shape under the stress of two types of events and a background of white nationalism. One type of event was the general FBI/COINTELPRO repression of the political movements. In this we can count a struggle such as Wounded Knee. Another event was the Iranian Revolution of 1979, which had a strong Maoist component but ended up going Islamic.

Prior to the Iranian Revolution’s solidifying as Islamic, the one thing the “RCP” did right was to agitate against the U.$. reaction to the “hostage crisis” in Iran that dogged Carter. At the time, the Amerikan public was in a war-mongering mood against Iran.

Following the decisive defeat of Maoist forces in Iran, the “RCP” overreacted and went in a permanent Trotskyist direction. Combined with the blows from the FBI, there was a deadly brew arising in the early 1980s.

Both the COINTELPRO and Iran struggles caused an overreaction favoring the CIA. MIM has pointed out that it is the CIA with the capabilities to rot out a revolution from within and in that sense it is more dangerous than any police organization. An arrest and railroad charge will be seen by the people, but some of what the CIA does in diplomacy and various covert operations is difficult for the people to see.

The FBI activities also made it “cool” to side with the mafia. The whole approach where every extortion, every threat, every violation of privacy is called “free speech” is mafia-inspired.

After the Maoist defeat including repression of Maoists in Iran, the Amerikan Maoists did not maintain united front with Iran against U.$. imperialism. Articles paid lip service to opposing war, while in action, the organization synchronized with the neo-conservatives. The “RCP” also built fraternal ties with an organization openly favoring U.$. invasion of Iran.

Trotskyism has always had a bigger emphasis on party-building than the united front and so it was in the direction of Trotskyism that “RCP” lip service articles turned, most notably in “Conquer the World.”

On the surface, it may seem to activists that the “RCP” did the right thing by leaning to the CIA and mafia side against the FBI. Yet it all depends on how far that tactical approach goes, and unfortunately, the “RCP” turned it into a strategy.

Not in lip service in its newspaper, but in deeds, the “RCP” was by the late 1990s in lockstep with imperialists preparing war in Iraq and Afghanistan, particularly the neo-conservatives who like the “RCP” now placed absolutist value on U.$. gender culture being superior to Islamic gender culture.

The mafia has an interest in selling weapons in war-created black markets and the CIA has an interest in penetrating everywhere. Yet the “RCP” had no difficulty joining in counter-terrorism operations against MIM, lynching to support the coming Afghan war.

Careful study of the Che-Libs will show the “RCP” attacking MIM for the benefit of cops. More importantly, activists have to open their minds to the differing interests of the mafia and CIA. If one puts all the focus on the FBI, it boils down to self-preservation of the left-wing of parasitism only.

Staying free of the FBI and its repression is not a victory if the cost is to help the CIA, mafia and neo-conservatives with their war preparations.



April 12, 2010

We received a recent attack from Obamauton number one on Peru. It’s again ad hominem, but in revealing ways. Obama is in better position now to put together what happened in Peru and his Obamauton perhaps makes a couple back-handed admissions.

I did not apply for leadership of the “Revolutionary Communist Party” in 1983. I did apply for mere membership before founding the Maoist Internationalist Movement in 1984.

However, had I been the leader of the “RCP” by at least the end of the 1980s, you can bet there would have been no labor aristocracy tourism to Peru: perhaps with an improved understanding of the true line, the revolution in Peru would have made it instead of being crushed by the Clinton-Kennedy machine.

Had I been the leader of “RCP,” there would have been no crap about a bunch of “objectively revolutionary” white males up here just waiting for a chance to bust out for revolution. MIM consistently opposed “revolutionary” tourism with which secret services could provide the revolution bad company.

The Avakianites were busy putting up posters “Revolution in the ’80s, Go for It!” It does no good that they made self-criticism on this point only to come back and spout ad hominem attacks on the same point now. The substance question is whether Peru’s revolution was sufficiently prepared for CIA infiltration efforts and would giving up on Amerikan “working class” revolution have improved Peruvian security. However, the Obamautons still have no position of substance on that.

More on the RCP-mafia approach to politics

March 10, 2010

More than a decade after using a real estate agent’s services, I found his name in the cult paper of Bob Avakian. This real estate agent came via way of girlfriend. Coincidence? It could be.

Years after purging the second lyncher in my list I saw a photo of someone looking like her in a demonstration led by the cult around the time of the Schiavo uproar. Someone who just looked a lot like her? Possibly.

One thing for certain is that the March 3 2010 Ann Coulter column on ACORN is about the mindset of the organization my second lyncher is from — very Alinskyite. My hat goes off to the conservative activists who did that investigation; even though, the New Right activists themselves are now taking inspiration from Alinsky too.


Reality about U.$. lawyers

February 28, 2010

Before it became obvious that I was tangling with the White House and influencing diplomacy in 2006, I had two lawyers. Since then, both have fallen away.

There have been no other answers to my call for lawyers other than the one I already described in previous posts. It’s not all the lawyers’ faults either, because I have explained in detail why the job is intimidating.

Since my own application to law school ended up turned down, my current lawyer-less situation is doubly negative in its reflection on the system. Not everything is a matter of education or money: sometimes being absorbed in self-comfort or gutlessness are the issues.

Plus, I have already explained that if any attorneys or judges were serious about Gitmo, I would have been subpoenaed a long time ago. It’s a joke.

Security tidbits

February 5, 2010

1. I was doing pretty much live reports from Harvard Square when the got taken down. I had three places I went to including an Au Bon Pain I was talking about when we went down. Anyone claiming that that was about another Au Bon Pain is wrong.

Readers will recall that I was telling them how people –usually female — waited at various places for me to show up and create scandals.

2. A tale of two undergraduates–when I did activist films such as South Africa, I met a film projectionist who told me she was an undergraduate. Almost all the evidence I have points in that direction.

I also met a millionaire who told me she was an undergraduate, but I’d say has a lot in common with the CIA. Both could also be true.

Nonetheless, Castro has mentioned even these innocuous circumstances.

3. I’ve never been knocked totally unconscious. The closest I came I walked away from a hot gym myself and got in an ambulance to be checked out after an accident. I do notice how many people are prone to ad hominem attacks though.

True, if I died in mysterious circumstances right now, there’d be certain things you’d look for that are already known about me. I’m angry with the media for having passed around my medical records, because it makes it easier to poison or otherwise attack me and make it look like the extension of an existing condition. The last time I saw my healthplan, the results showed up in the media.

Fascist steam-rolling on and infiltrators

February 2, 2010

As I have said for years now, the Liberal media is allowing the fascists to rehearse their answers and it continues to accept them at face-value. They try out their lies on an Aesopian basis, get caught and then make up new lies. The media watches all this and sits in silence.

Recently Sandra Day O’Connor changed her Aesopian stance on promoting my lyncher to save Obama’s ass. The public does not notice because it all goes on in codes about “merit” and “campaigning.”

So now the Obamautons are going to have to come up with another story, based with the premise that the lyncher is not advancing. That’s the story the media is working on cooking up right now.


What is the political history of the

At the center of the conflict are two individuals purged for homophobia at a time when the RCP=CIA was still officially pro-homophobic, as in the fact that its program said gay and lesbian ideology would be reformed away. We confirmed only in recent years that one of the two individuals was involved in extending the rape fabrications and spreading rumors — the whole time. The New York Times via Aesopian language admits to knowing this only AFTER Obama gained election.

A third individual involved in the homophobia purge admitted to me that he followed Avakian, because he thought he was better than any of the oppressed nationalities he knew. The RCP=CIA changed its line on homosexuality long after this purge and quoted us without citation as winning that long struggle. Nonetheless, this same crew of people was involved in the same campaigning that destroyed gay marriage in California. So there may not be a systematic line anymore for homophobia in the open, but that does not mean the same methods are not at work.

What is your claim to the

I’ve already announced that I provided the initial hard drive. Obviously MIM drew the majority of traffic for the years before it ended and I did 90% of that writing.

In addition for organizational/legal reasons I should be in control of the, but with the need to defend lynching and the RCP=CIA, some people dug in their heels.

What about the impression left by the if you visited after the website shutdown?

This is actually a very good example of how these people operate and how the mainstream media marches in lockstep with fascism. The implication was that with money, people can now buy an archive of

Let’s be clear I was never asked for money, so rumors being spread along those lines are false. The archive question is separate from the hosting a live website question.

In addition the “Wayback Machine” that had archived snapshots of the MIM website on various dates spanning years took down ALL copies — a sign that something more sinister than a simple money problem was involved. It’s a clear sign that repression was involved and also clear proof that the mainstream media is politically incapable on important questions.

I would caution readers not to believe anything on “Che-Lives” or, which tried to leave the impression it was a money problem or something else. The purged people are active there and one of the main people involved at “Che-Lives” is a faculty member involved in the lynching. He has admitted that it was racist, but not in open language. He also claims his work at was taken over by government cyberwarfare.

There’s really no dispute on “Che Libs” involvement anymore as even members of Obama’s Foreign Service have figured out and admitted that was involved. The whole lynching/anti-Islamic crew has been at it since the latter 1990s. This became important to understand the historical origins of Gitmo and the Afghanistan war. The combination of militant materialist faculty members and RCP was more than enough to pull off a load of crap. The idiots in the media are allowing the erasure of history.

Regarding replacing

Are you saying you don’t have the money to pay for web hosting?

No, that would be obviously false. In 2008 I paid a four digit expense for the party and would certainly be able to afford a one or two (and I was considering three) digit monthly expense for the party for web hosting. I have vastly cut down party expenses and am building up for a return to the web in force.

What is the money problem then?

The fewer intermediaries you have the better. So the best would be to host your own services and not be betrayed by people who are easily scared by ad hoc racist arguments: We are not going to get set up only to be taken down again.

Money is also in an issue in that the real solution is lawyers and maybe even lobbying.

Why can’t the media figure it out?

The media does not learn anything from practice, because it has imperialist owners with mainstream views that do not face repression. If one goes to the large domain-owner GoDaddy, one will see the contract allows GoDaddy to take down your website at any time. Likewise, one of the largest hosting services in southern California specifically has a policy that does not appear so repressive. Yet when I wrote to them, here is the reply I received: “It is against our terms of service. Hosting such as site dedicated to
defamation would lead to disablement without refund.” My question obviously was not about hosting a website dedicated to defamation. My question was whether they would take it down without a court order. So in other words, with secret service sponsored intimidation claiming defamation, this company would also take down my website. The idea of “freedom” in Amerikkka is just a huge lie. The one being defamed is ME. I need financial help to break the defamation vicious cycle.

What happened in practice in your call for legal help on the

Despite writing a number of lawyers the fact is that they are either too intimidated by the White House or too ignorant to help in the example of the more lazy ones. All my calls for legal help produced only one positive response. Perhaps I should not have turned it down, but my last two lawyer requests were infiltrated, with one producing a bench warrant for my arrest in a court no-show situation. The single lawyer I produced from my calls for a lawyer professed not to believe in RCP=CIA’s extensive government penetration and collaboration. He admitted so but only long after repeatedly asking me my upcoming legal strategy.

Are you aware of more secret arguments being made against you?

That’s just it. They are secret. There are only two categories of people in the ex-MIM, those who actively took part in the lynching and were purged for other reasons and those who never campaigned to oppose the lynching despite voting against it in the party majority that demanded a process.

The very same people who lynched me 20 years ago are now claiming there are reasons without a process why should be down. They were wrong then and they are wrong now.

There was a process by which I came to be in control of the website in the party. You can’t point to something before that process as justification for something you did days before Obama’s inauguration. There were years of chances prior to 2009. The “new” arguments are again lynching process. Those “new” arguments are newer than the 1989-1991 lynching, but they are not so new as to obviate the process up to 2009. The new process is the same old backstabbing.

Do you have further complaints about ex-party racism?

1. Why did all the Wayback Machine copies disappear if political repression was not involved?

2. Why haven’t you learned that one of the CC member’s judgement on security was inept? What have you not learned?
a. I told a CC member that people in my house were feds IN THE 1990s. She shrugged it off.
b. I told a CC member that the RAIL liaison was an infiltrator. She shrugged it off saying she was an “anarchist” who slept with someone she knew (as if that meant anything!)
c. Where were you when I paid the RAIL liaison $600 for all her stuff just to get her out of the house?
d. Are you unaware that I was correct about the RAIL liaison and that in addition she expressed sympathy for my romantic plight, asked me upstairs and offered to show me her pictures to which I said a resounding “no”? Do you not know that her words from the end of the meeting at which she was purged are now world famous?
e. Have you not f*ing figured out the connection to the RCP and Obama?

3. Where are all the former Black Panthers who said that COINTELPRO is the ones who disrupt the work? Where are all the ex-party members who upheld BPP? Who has done more work to advance communist media in the West than me? So who is COINTELPRO? Why is there a double standard? Why are there not people here clamoring to quote the BPP on COINTELPRO?

4. Where were you when the female who asked to marry me had a father asking her to work for the FBI? In other words, why did you suddenly come up with reasons to shutdown the MIM website? You were inept in security questions, believed the lynching crap and the people who took down the website hadn’t contributed a lick to the party and now some rumors spread and you take down the website.

5. Why do you continue to give credit to proven liars? What do you not know about the lynching? How many people do you have to hear from before you realize that the “Michigan Daily” racist cartoon incident was opposed by me in a small minority position? Why do you not know that Che-Libs and my lynchers were involved in spreading that utterly false rumor that damaged me not just career-wise but politically?

Just because the imperialist media allows these proven liars to set up shop again and again does not mean you should let them rehearse their crap.

What is your solution in practice?

If anyone who believes in the great freedom of this country wants to help me set up a website, they can, but I will not cede control to anyone without a court order this time around. It’s called process, as opposed to lynching.

Links to the website provide the web traffic more than just cranking out articles as I did. That’s why it’s important to have stability with legal process guarantees. In addition, it’s important to maintain continuity and not allow non-party people to put up versions of the website I do not approve. Current efforts have EXCISED what little work we did against racism targeting Asian-descended people. The disruption of our work specifically damages that most recent work.

I have already answered repeatedly that I will take full legal responsibility if the should be turned over to me. That practice of mine shows what the real problem is here.

Gender update

February 1, 2010

The appearance has been created that Obama and Clinton tried to throw yet another ex-girlfriend of mine into the hopper. Apparently, it took the government three years to make an admission.

These stories bring out atavistic characteristics in men. One reaction is to purge all the females not actively engaged in sex with revolutionaries. Such was the Black Panther solution.

Others say you make them go all night. This is where we have to account for the sexual diversity of females in the rich countries, and we are failing.

The standard pseudo-feminism says that females should be chosen for their brains and political character. Yet if these are effectively asexual females, then the bar is easier to cross for spies as well. Males and females don’t understand this very well, because males lack the sexual diversity of females and females are as yet theoretically unorganized. So ugly stories about my life keep popping up.

On the plus side, rumor has it that an older female has stepped up to leak on the University of Michigan. Lest I be accused of painting too dismal a picture, we also have Gore Vidal as pointed out by Roger Cohen talking about the United $tates landing economically between Brazil and Argentina.

So anyway, no I don’t think there is a sexual passion test you can run for female spies. The most physically passionate girlfriend I ever had — and she left others in the dust — was a millionaire with much in common with typical CIA. Meanwhile, one of the steadiest activists was completely asexual.

There needs to be a change in paradigm in which rebels realize that they are vastly outnumbered by spies inside U.$. borders. We can’t use the 1960s experience forever. There is no female here that far from being a spy for the ‘ho structure. The father of the only one to ever ask me to marry in the 20th century asked her to work for the FBI. We of certain demographic backgrounds all know cops and spies here. In fact, if I find myself attracted to someone, chances are good she’s a spy. If can talk with her without falling asleep, chances increase further and if she reciprocates in some kind of interest — self-esteem be damned — we’ve crossed way past the 50% likelihood threshhold.


An attempted fake abortion

January 19, 2010

People are talking about an attempted fake abortion and how that should be handled.

So let me explain it in case it has not been. A clinic told someone she was pregnant. She wasn’t. She would have been all set to go for a fake abortion except for one thing: she had a last minute change of heart and wanted to have the baby in spite of her boyfriend and her previous attitudes.

This female was an innocent by-stander, but she has been dragged into the public glare via her sexuality. Since I resent it, I can only imagine that others also resent it even more in some situations.

The clinic eventually told her that it was all a mistake, but in light of what happened afterwards, including the fact that the Fruitfly hovered over her, this event looks different.

It’s already published how fake abortions were arranged by the KGB for government officials to humiliate them for extortion purposes. If the Congress is prepared to say it investigated the medical officials in a second or shall we say third or fourth doctors’ plot, I’m fine with it; however, there is also a matter of the female’s civil rights. She may not want her name public. She may have other ideas how to handle it.

For my purposes, an admission of a couple of the worst plots followed by “other sex-related incidents part of a pattern” of cloak-and-dagger junk would be fine. And for my part, if I ever do run for office, I will never claim to have been a family man, which would be hard to do anyway, given no wife and kids standard in running for office. I’m fine not claiming the whole family thing usually important in elections especially if that would buy some privacy for those being dragged into mainstream politics via their sexuality, now that a web of plots some of which do not involve me has been uncovered.

Third effort to frame me for perjury in 2009

January 1, 2010

There have been three efforts to convince me I am guilty of perjury in the latter half of 2009 — the first perjury suggestions I’ve faced in my life. It’s been a coordinated effort linked to the Obama administration.

The first was at a case management meeting in my civil case with the then federally owned Bank of America’s assignee. The opposing attorney tried to convince me that my by-then fired attorney had admitted to my owning the account that the attorney claimed was due. (The opposing attorney told me I was responsible for documents produced by my attorney.) The move was part of a gambit to get me to settle the suit. In a search of court records I found no record claiming that the opposing attorney got the account number right. It was a bluff.

The second effort concerned my driver’s license and the Los Angeles Superior Court, which has a database showing my license either with no citations on it or one, depending on how it is read. After Massachusetts looked into its database and told me there was no record to cause my license to be suspended still in December, 2009, I became suspicious and mailed back the temporary driver’s license and made yet another trip to the Mass. RMV. I was assured and shown this time directly that no state had any outstanding complaint against me in the records.

Now the Department of Defense is in on the act with a letter regarding FOIA it sent me December 22nd.

“”Under penalty of perjury, I hereby declare that I am the person named above and I understand that any falsification of this statement is punishable under the provisions of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001″

The address is as follows:

Defense Intelligence Agency
Attn: DAN-1A (FOIA)
Washington, DC 20340

This statement can also be scanned and e-mailed or faxed to (301) 394-5356. If you have any questions, you may respond to this e-mail or contact our FOIA Requester Service Center at (301) 394-5587.”

It’s clear that the Obama administration realizes it has little credibility and has set up networks across the country to try to nail me for perjury, any way they can.


December 22, 2009

I am pleased to announce that for once I have good news. A young female I never saw before followed me into two different places in three days. That was hard to do because they are places neither of which I had gone to in months and they are far apart. However, today I saw her with someone else, which makes me think she is mature enough to be a grad student or a reporter not attempting to make a scene in some kind of gotcha.

I was studying ESPN aptly on television when my pursuer sat between me and the TV. Happily I have now learned that Kobe was voted player of the decade, that Sullinger is the high school phenom of the year and that Shaq and Lebron James are only +5 so far when on the court at the same time.

While we are on the subject of good news, some of you our readers have carried out a peaceful retaliation for an injustice against me. Thank you. I do realize I am not alone; even though, communists are not popular here.