1. Reichstag fire. (9/11) Check.
2. Enabling Act. (“Patriot Act”) Check.
3. Corporatism–merging of corporations with the state, without worker uprising or control, while retaining profits or other exchange-value goal. “Bank of America,” GM etc. Check.
4. Persynality cult politics. Check.
5. Shutdown of the West’s leading non-reference communist website.Check.
6. Lynching as a means of campaigning. Check.
7. Identified ethnic scapegoat. (Arabs and Muslims this time.) Check.
8. Wars of occupation. Check.
9. Oh, and you haven’t read MIM before if you don’t already know that the United $tates is the world’s leading prison-state per capita. Uh, yah, that means it has the highest percentage imprisoned of any country.

Articles on Corporatism

  • Defining corporatism: not just being pro-corporation but a specific approach
  • A day in the life of Medplan
  • Ron Paul, the Tea Party and Corporatism
  • Obama’s healthcare program is corporatist, not progressive

    Politics of Fascism

  • Contempt for parliamentary democracy another condition of fascism
  • The Tea Party movement is not extreme right
  • Diversity within fascism: Don’t forget Norway and Italy

  • Class and gender ideas that lead to xenophobia, scapegoating
  • Big numbers and fascism
  • Obamauton media defend crypto-fascist eugenics, make backdoor argument for female infanticide

  • 11 Responses to “Fascism”

    1. Democrats and their justifications for “national socialism” « Mimdefense’s Weblog Says:

      […] over the decades that it is the Democrats who put forward the economic degradation theories fueling fascism. When a pizza parlor started taking Mexican pesos as payment the result was death threats. […]

    2. Big numbers and fascism « Mimdefense’s Weblog Says:

      […] that we should deport all the illegal aliens for instance. That’s a bread-and-butter stand of fascist parties since World War […]

    3. Promises, promises « Mimdefense’s Weblog Says:

      […] By mimdefense To pass healthcare corporatism through the Congress and secure his presidency, Obama made a number of promises. Obama promised […]

    4. Obama on fascism « Mimdefense’s Weblog Says:

      […] Obama on fascism By mimdefense Par for the course, Obama reduced the question of fascism to persynal attacks and “rhetoric.” It’s typical of someone encouraging people to have questions both ways. “We can’t expect to solve our problems if all we do is tear each other down. You can disagree with a certain policy without demonizing the person who espouses it. You can question somebody’s views and their judgment without questioning their motives or their patriotism.”(1) The context was a discussion of pundits and those calling him “socialist” and others throwing around the word “fascist.” […]

    5. Daily update « Mimdefense’s Weblog Says:

      […] Daily update By mimdefense Readers may note a certain similarity of format in an article on Pakistan and a MIM article on fascism. […]

    6. More evidence of contempt of Congress « Mimdefense’s Weblog Says:

      […] evidence of contempt of Congress By mimdefense Just as in fascist German times, the U.$. public has contempt for the national legislature. “The latest […]

    7. A daily dose of fascism « Mimdefense's Weblog Says:

      […] before there was a MIM, social scientists had theorized that fascism comes from people Freud labelled anal retentives, who most enjoy cleaning up. In contrast, we have […]

    8. Speculation on Eugene Rivers increases « Mimdefense's Weblog Says:

      […] sources of power with the state when there is still capitalism and imperialism is the strategy of fascism. Beck is correct that it’s the same basic idea that allows handouts to the rich in the […]

    9. What were they thinking? MIM consistency « Mimdefense's Weblog Says:

      […] For more than 25 years I have been with the struggle of prisoners in this world-leading prison-state. I did not come this far to give in to ad hominem, red herring and post-hoc irrationality that I know is affecting the lumpen on a daily basis. Let the Democrats expose themselves along these lines, as infiltrated by fascists. […]

    10. Golden rule internationalism and suicide bombing « Mimdefense's Weblog Says:

      […] behaviorism. I recently wrote how psychology distracts too many people and creates openings for fascism. The irrationality of ad hominem thought pervades Amerika and so we need more Pavlov and […]

    11. Demand an investigation into the Pentagon role in shutting the MIM website « Mimdefense's Weblog Says:

      […] the recent fascist bailouts, the Pentagon was already a major corporatist influence. It was a government ministry larger than any socialist ministry every created anywhere, […]

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