Rev. Wright “is like an old uncle who says things I don’t always agree with,” said Barack Obama campaigning for president via trafficking in lynching. So came one of the payoffs for a lynching 20 years ago. The lynching ended up used not just 20 years ago, but again now as part of infiltration tactics and the creation of an appearance of scandal between me and my lyncher’s alleged uncle, and also my lyncher’s father.

A racist lynching for political career purposes took place — involving me, Henry Park. The federal government knew a false accusation was at its core no later than 2002, but it did not prosecute a criminal conspiracy against civil rights.

My cowardly attackers have spied on me and conspired against me for 20 years now. They attempt to discredit me by going on the offensive to make up more stories on me including connecting me to terrorism. They do so anonymously, now especially for the benefit of career and Obama’s political fortunes. These attacks have all come outside formal procedures, and that is especially important to Asian-Amerikans who have less familiarity with English, including literary symbolism and ole’ boys’ language.

Status update

  • Update on the pattern of lynching
  • Iraq, Senator Bunning and My Candidate Rights

  • Response to May 22, 2010 “New York Times”

    Racist lynching background circa 1989-91

  • David Duke tells how it is for neo-Nazis against Asian-Amerikans at Harvard
  • Addressing racism in admissions
  • How to address arguments against Asian admissions and what I told the University of Michigan where I was lynched
  • Anti-Japanese racism in 1990 and its continuing effect today
  • Anti-Asian racism: High-tech jobs or lower admissions standards for locals?

    Understanding the really Old School approach to lynching in politics
    The New York Times and other media outlets are fully aware of the details of this story, which is a throwback to another time no later than the 1960s, but the media condones lynching of Asian-descended people, as if it did not happen, and as good currency for presidential campaigns.

  • Earth to New York Times I
  • Earth to New York Times: II
  • Infiltration tactics
  • Identity theft, hoaxes and post-hoc reasoning

    Standards of media and legal reasoning

  • Reprise: “What David Duke owes Willie Horton” New York Times 1989
  • Media covers lynching, sort of
  • I didn’t hear them make jokes against the Jena 6
  • The Watergate standard
  • Rodney King, ad hominem attacks and distinguishing lifestyle from power

    The Democratic Party/media cover-up

  • Attention racist Democrats
  • How long will they be able to cover up the truth?
  • Don’t wait for the “New York Times”


  • Blame it on the witch
  • Jack Johnson pardon set in motion in Congress
  • A sample of allegorical discussion August 21 2009
  • To my ex-girlfriends
  • King Arthur’s court
  • Appearances created by lyncher number three


    The lynching of 1989-1991 is over and done with: there was no process and no one will be able to provide a shred of evidence otherwise. Nonetheless, the lynchmob continues to come up with way-after-the-fact justifications for continuing the lynching — even in this year 2010.
  • Note of the Harvard Law Record
  • Questions and answers on the lynching
  • Questions to ask about the lynching coverup


    The three most common arguments of my opponents are ad hominem, red herring and post-hoc rationalization. Given that they work with David Duke and consciously opposed MIM on the labor aristocracy question, readers may find an anti-Nazi website useful in debunking lynchmob “logic.”

  • See MIM’s own article on post hoc bad logic

    MIM does not take kindly to illogical methods used by the Democratic and Republican partisans to win their cause. We know when they pollute the media with their crap, a thousand lumpen suffer in court the next day with the very same illogical arguments. Hence, even when the media pummels Sarah Palin with bad logic, we know who the real victim is.

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