Andrew Stern

April 13, 2010

NPR is reporting today that Andrew Stern is resigning the presidency of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The reason is simple: the SEIU paid my lyncher number two to spy on me in my house. (An audible reference is made to this in a Harry Potter movie partly based on the Cheney vs. Ward Churchill phony struggle at the University of Colorado.)

On the day I purged her, the spy suddenly raised questions that Huey Newton already answered more definitively and transgressively before me. The reason she did so was to have blackmail scandal material against me when I answered as the Black Panthers before me did.
(It would only work in electoral politics, not with genuine Maoists.)

When Clinton and Obama were duking it out in the primaries, the SEIU was the first to endorse Obama. It’s not to say my lynchers would not have worked for Clinton had she won the primaries, but I just comment on the actual order things happened.



Supreme Court watch

April 13, 2010

There appear to be some signs that Obama is considering appointing my lyncher number one to the Supreme Court; hence, I shall have to pay attention to the news. The rumor-monger has spent time buttering up “Fox News,” the “New York Times” and I am told China over the past few years. However, that’s not to say all of those in “counter-terrorism” against me will support her.

On the other hand, it is possible for the Republicans and Democrats to trade cards and for Obama to appoint another female with greater accomplishments outside the sex and lies department. While there is a good chance that lynching will be rewarded, one has to consider that the game could be an attempt to head fake the Muslim people. References to nuclear terrorism abound in the April 12 and April 13 news.

A pseudo-feminist speaking on India made positive metaphorical references to supporting my lyncher on NPR today. Among other things, the afternoon of the 13th on NPR she spoke for using only humyn energy in farming.

Metaphorical references of certain sorts are heating up right now. Nuclear terrorism or just “nukes” has become a metaphorical reference to information on 9/11 covered up by the likes of Indian pseudo-feminists for serfdom and Washington.

India is the only country of the Third World that regularly polls in agreement with I$rael. That’s on account of Hindu-Islamic tensions. We can and should discount people who want the whole world to become peasant serfs. Such justifications of agriculture came out in published book form by slave-owning agriculturalists of the South over 100 years ago.

What the talk points up is how desperately the NPR maneuvers to support the Democrats. The rape issue often attracts this sort of pseudo-feminist who believes the world would have been better off if it had stayed agricultural. It’s really a symptom of how when wimmin emerge from the household, they do not carry norms of politics with them and instead recreate in miniature all the political debates of time since they did not participate in politics.

While men in politics globally have absorbed the lessons of the French Revolution, we still find people wishing to go back in time to agriculture or in the case of my lyncher’s handler, before there was agriculture. We refer to the pseudo-feminists and the men who have no courage to criticize these reactionaries.

Here is what the new constitutional principles of the Enlightenment said as expressed in the key French Revolution document “The Declaration of the Rights of Man,” August 27, 1789: “No man can be accused, arrested, or detained except in cases determined by the law, and according to the forms which it has prescribed. Those who solicit, draw up, execute, or have executed arbitrary orders must be punished.”

Before the French Revolution, the law did not always protect serfs from being accused by the lords without process. For that matter, the lords had the right to corvee labor from the serfs. That’s what is going on in my case, where counter-terrorists are cooperating to extract labor from me for free by dragging me into their sordid business.

P.S. The organic farming metaphor used by the speaker above could be interpreted in my favor. When I believe a metaphor is ambiguous, it goes to the lyncher’s camp, because Aesopian language favors racism, because it is essentially the intellectual way of wearing a white sheet at a KKK rally. True, the speaker attacked Monsanto as I did in a previous article. Some are arguing over my life with the farming reference, and it’s somewhat appropriate because it was a favorite topic of my lyncher’s handler and also because there is something unnatural about sending females at me and paying them to seduce me. These are not the very core issues of the lynching, but they are of related importance.

Aesopian update

April 13, 2010

The following are criminal references appearing in the media. The object is a criminal conspiracy against my civil rights including preparing perjured testimony through rehearsal, rehearsals of extortion and rehearsals of sexual defamation. If it becomes necessary I will explain these references.

1. Poor William, there have been a few references in the media including in Britain to me as “Shakespeare.” The bourgeoisie sees my life as “tragic” in connection to ex-girlfriends.

2. There have been references in the media suggesting extortion of ex-MC12. Of course, with me as lightning rod, the suggestions are to make me look bad by inventing a story about our interactions.

On the other hand, the strategy of the Republican Party activists at this time is to show that it agrees with MIM as much as possible, that Bush and others did not extort us in their time in office. That way the burden is on Obama and Clinton to come up with the specifics of their racket.

The practice of rehearsing extortion, perjury and sexual defamation is broadly condoned at the “New York Times,” “NPR,” and other mainstream news outlets. Conservatives have offered the explanation that they do not wish to go into this subject by name unless forced, because they would have to give a hearing to the fascists, and the conservatives so far have opted for the strategy of ignoring the fascists to make their publicity decrease. That does not mean the conservatives cannot do an about-face.

In broad outline, the Democratic strategy against me is to rely on Euro-Amerikan presumptions backed by Twinkies, Oreos, Coconuts and Radishes.
1. Sexual presumptions
2. Presumptions about how MIM organizes the finances of its media
3. The presumption that I have no privacy rights on grounds of defamer “free speech.”

The claim is also being made that bipartisan agreements such as the telecomm wiretapping agreement in Congress block me from opening classified files for the foreseeable future, and hence, the Republicans and Democrats have the right to rehearse their “campaign” lies against MIMers. Of course, in a court system properly set up, the two major parties would not have the right against a minority to withhold FOIA information, just because they are the major parties. I have filed a limited FOIA with the FBI and Department of Justice and another FOIA with the Department of Defense.

I would like to assure the most recent ex-comrades that it will be relatively easy for me to show that there was extortion in connection to their activity.

Supreme Court: Elena Kagan and foreshadowing

April 12, 2010

On the street I see foreshadowing of the Democrats’ desperate campaign struggle against me. The moving electronic banner in my town says approximately, “Hitler art mediocre but selling well.”

Others are discussing various aspects of my lyncher number one. People across the country are stepping into an imaginary zone. As explained before on this website, “bird” is a symbol of my arch-enemies. A local constructed a poster of a mutant rabbit chasing away all birds. The “Guardian” dredged up recall of a CIA bird similar to the kind of bird I’m in struggle with now. Also relevant is that Byrd is a Democratic Senator who is former KKK.

Before this struggle happens and the Democrats use the opportunity to release charges from the lynchers that I myself have not heard yet from the lynchers, I want to point out that that is exactly why the struggle is happening, to encourage lynching.

The Democrats had approximately five ways to put Kagan (or someone more “liberal” if she exists) on the court and they balked at all five.
1) Their media could have vetted out nonsense issues in my background to have me serve in office to monitor a Mideast peace agreement in 2008. I would have served in a Bush Jr., Obama and/or McCain administration. The media did not.
2) The Democrats in Congress in control since 2006 could have passed a resolution to instruct the Navy to lift the siege on Gaza. The Democrats did not: the peace talks got nowhere, so the cards from that are still in play.
3) The Democrats could have impeached Obama or his people could have started principled resignations to bring in Eric Holder or Jesse Jackson or ex-Gov. Wilder.
4) Obama could have traded with Senator Hatch scrapping the existing healthcare plan to get Kagan.
5) The Democrats could have granted me my first-stage rights as requested and I could have negotiated a deal for Kagan. By first-stage I mean the right to participate in politics without extortion and false accusations, the threshold I have failed to cross thanks to rumors.

Instead, as the “Guardian” correctly complained at the time of the December global warming conference, U.$. politics holds up the world. It’s not surprising, because Obama stepped repeatedly on Palestinian diplomatic cards of Annapolis during 2008. We should have known what was coming, that Obama did not bring any new cards to bear on the situation.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown told us back in the summer of 2009 “six more months” for the most significant issues of the world, blah, blah, blah. They were just buying time and in reality the Brits and Amerikans don’t care about diplomacy. I’m not going to list all the deals that the United $tates has turned down, but I have paid attention 5% this past three weeks, and if you did not see Obama-Clinton rebuked by Third World wimmin in at least three different countries, then you were paying even less attention than me.

The Democrats are going to use a vague sense of “women’s issues” to try to attack all their enemies. In reality, it’s about pornography quotas they have to meet.

In addition, they could run all their lynching that they have been salivating over the past five years in Aesopian language, rehearsing and still end up hoisted on just healthcare and abortion in November. As of now, the official story appears to be that the Senate will not likely filibuster. The mainstream Republican Party may just want a chance to run against a Kagan choice in November. On the other hand, Democrats are trying to intimidate those not in the Senate who might speak out anyway.


Healthcare fallout

April 12, 2010

There has been much fallout over the healthcare bill that Obama just passed.

  • Susan Estrich reported herself a more loyal Obamauton.
  • I presume the British have moved along with the Mexicans and Saudis. The “Guardian” was always pro-lynching, just less-so than other papers. Now it is pro-lynching, moreso.
  • Chomsky supported it.
  • Bart Stupak voted for it and then resigned from the House.
  • The “New York Times” is attacking the Pope with healthcare as the subtext.

    Obama basically made a number of domestic political promises to pass his healthcare bill, so the political situation changed somewhat.

    Once again, the Democrats sold some of their own “lesser evils” idea between two overwhelmingly bourgeois parties. MIM has argued there is no issue at the margin here. Our critics like Krugman at the “New York Times” would not be able to give meta-reasons for how one avoids choosing between tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum. MIM provides the answer of how to choose with class analysis.

    Which is better, Hitler as a leader or one of his military intelligence agents who favored including more nationalities as Aryan?

    Which is better, Hitler or Strasser? In fact, what the Democrats are ramming down our throat repeatedly is that Strasser is the lesser evil. That’s what Obama’s politics are and have been since before 9/11.

    Neither Strasser nor Hitler deserved support. Taking up principled, small-minority opposition was better.

    Contrary to reports on CBS, CNN and elsewhere, once factored correctly the healthcare plan may not be deficit neutral. With the Medicare break funded every year in practice the past 15 years, despite the overall Medicare law, the Obama plan runs in the red.

    What we should report for certain is that the threat we received just before the vote that someone would out Obama for the lynching was false. It was phrased in language insulting to us and did not happen. The point was likely to scare Congressional Democrats who have me under surveillance. Those afraid of losing their own power only want more lynching, because that’s how to win popularity here.

  • Females and the Catholic Church

    April 12, 2010

    I won’t say the Catholic Church has been patriarchal or male-led for eternity. I’ve seen some contrary evidence, perhaps inspired by post-modern digging, perhaps not. However, in recent times, it’s safe to say that the Catholic Church is male-led and hierarchically organized and the females who join understand that principle when they join it.

    A search of “Google News” shows many so-called news stories about this topic right now, thanks to the fact that bishops did not support Obamacare (–the real reason, not the reason given.)

    Periodically the media “discovers” that the Catholic Church is male led.

    Western females should just never join it. When they figure out that they don’t like it, they should quit.

    In economics, have-it-both-ways between the proletariat and capitalists is petty-bourgeois. In the realm of ideas Marx called superstructure, the have-it-both-ways of reporting on the Catholic Church is political parasitism. The whole discussion consistently teaches people to weasel instead of taking positions and actions based on principle.

    Instead of being derivative of others in this parasitism of ideas, people should take a side and strike out on their own.

    Now the liberal Democrats are afraid what the healthcare vote forecasts for the Supreme Court vote. The have-it-both-ways arguments are just a by-product of Democratic Party interests and lesser-evil pragmatism, also known as weaseling opportunism.

    Spreading have-it-both-ways ideas does not bring change. It is merely a comfort blanket for the petty-bourgeoisie and a deception for the proletariat. The proletariat does not have to choose between McCain and Obama and it does not have to choose between nuns who want Obamacare and bishops who don’t. The System stirs up these false controversies and fans them to distract people from real struggles that could drive the world forward.


    April 12, 2010

    We received a recent attack from Obamauton number one on Peru. It’s again ad hominem, but in revealing ways. Obama is in better position now to put together what happened in Peru and his Obamauton perhaps makes a couple back-handed admissions.

    I did not apply for leadership of the “Revolutionary Communist Party” in 1983. I did apply for mere membership before founding the Maoist Internationalist Movement in 1984.

    However, had I been the leader of the “RCP” by at least the end of the 1980s, you can bet there would have been no labor aristocracy tourism to Peru: perhaps with an improved understanding of the true line, the revolution in Peru would have made it instead of being crushed by the Clinton-Kennedy machine.

    Had I been the leader of “RCP,” there would have been no crap about a bunch of “objectively revolutionary” white males up here just waiting for a chance to bust out for revolution. MIM consistently opposed “revolutionary” tourism with which secret services could provide the revolution bad company.

    The Avakianites were busy putting up posters “Revolution in the ’80s, Go for It!” It does no good that they made self-criticism on this point only to come back and spout ad hominem attacks on the same point now. The substance question is whether Peru’s revolution was sufficiently prepared for CIA infiltration efforts and would giving up on Amerikan “working class” revolution have improved Peruvian security. However, the Obamautons still have no position of substance on that.

    Ron Paul, the Tea Party and corporatism

    April 12, 2010

    The “Wall Street Journal”(1) reported that Tea Party founder Ron Paul has said Obama is not “socialist” but “corporatist.”

    We thank Ron Paul for making the change. We requested it here.

    The confusion arises because the fascist movement uses front-group infiltration tactics and U.$. ’60s radicals and ’80s post-modernists are too loopy to figure it out. In the 1930s, Hitler infiltrated the Social Democratic Party of Germany to take it over, as he steam-rolled the rest of society.

    Obama’s political mentors were 1960s radicals Bill Ayers, Michael Klonsky and Bob Avakian, who worked together as leaders in a minority faction for a little while in SDS. Although 1960s radical Huey Newton was rather clear-minded, the most popular white organizers like Klonsky, Avakian and PLP that led thousands of white youth always had things both ways on the white working class and set themselves up for the fascism we are in now. (Of these, PLP is more consistent. I don’t want to presume to have read them lately.)

    We hope the Tea Party movement continues to refer to the Obamautons as “corporatists” and “fascist,” not “socialists” or “communists.”


    International united front update

    April 8, 2010

    The Obama approval rating fell faster than for any president in the first year in office in the last 50 years.(1) That is thanks to the international united front, not anything spectacular anyone did here, just as was the case for Bush Jr.’s decline in popularity.

    Nonetheless, the Obama counterrevolution is the most difficult burden the international united front will ever face from a U.S. president, because the Obama presidency had the design of giving fatal Kool Aid to the movements of the oppressed, from within.

    I’ve been approached by three or four mainstream foreign policy organizations. I have not joined, mostly because I do not wish to send an incorrect signal to the international united front on the prospects for diplomacy. What I see is that Amerika would like to be weaker economically before it makes a serious deal. Instead of through clever tactics and diplomats, balance will occur through a general shift in power over years of time.

    On a practical level, too much time can go into reading Aesopian drivel of the Western Liberals in their media. Too little of it proves accurate to be worth the time. When I was 18, the “Harvard Crimson” was already covering me in that snide between-the-lines way of the Liberal intellectuals. If we spend too much time with these intellectuals in their career parsing, we will miss out on studying the large trends of history and we will end up ineffective like Avakian-Obama-Kasama robots.

    Recently I recommended that the international united front send some intellectuals with the purpose of producing feminist revolutionary leaders here, 10, 20 or even 50 years down the road if it takes a second generation to really absorb the culture. I suspect we are going to see a wave along these lines from Asian-unAmerikkkans, pretty soon, 10 or 20 years from now.

    I see others from the Third World training in diplomacy here. That’s good, but if we have people with the academic inclinations, I still think they should study the overall picture as deeply as they can. That way power dynamics will be understood before one takes up diplomacy.

    I’ve cut back reading news 95% and hope to right my financial situation and do cultural work. I’m simply too outnumbered by racist extremists here to do otherwise. I’m still proud of my achievements. I do not believe I took too isolationist a road. Reality is just an uneven battle here.

    It is not an easy choice to give up on diplomacy. At this moment, I am looking at the international middle forces as the main reason to take up diplomacy. I believe two or three countries have the power to shape the next few years, with relatively easy action in the next month, or two or three. If I see that, then I may return to foreign policy and join a mainstream group for professional purposes. It’s unlikely that the imperialists are going to give me what I asked for directly, so it will have to be middle forces.

    I hope the middle forces did not drink the Kool Aid, but one has to consider the possibility. To see that, one must not have so many chefs spoiling the soup.

    If I do take up professional duties in foreign affairs this spring or summer, readers should see it as a career change, not a line change. It would be out of respect for international middle forces and the leverage they provide for an individual.

    I’m on break and trying to shift away from political and foreign affairs work. It seems to me we enter a period in which the proletariat will be on offensive, possibly without the degree of middle forces support one would hope for. If that is the case, Amerika may find itself decline nonetheless, and the proletariat can look at diplomacy several years or a decade down the road.


    We told you so: Schwarzenegger and CA prisons

    April 8, 2010

    The first thing Obama did upon arrival in office was give the states no-strings-attached stimulus funding with which to keep prisoners locked up. It goes to show that the people sticking with Obama but also saying they are pro-MIM line are hard-core cultists who can’t figure out how the labor aristocracy line damages prisoners.

    Here is what we said August 10, 2009:

    “The ‘Second Chance Act’ for prisoners came about in the Bush administration because of the hammer blows of the international united front, and likewise, it will be because of fiscal conservatism made easy by disaster that will eventually force the mass release of prisoners. We are starting to see that in California with prison overcrowding.”

    Gov. Schwarzenegger recently announced plans to release 6500 prisoners. We hope he finds the will to go much further. 20,000 of California’s 170,000 prisoners are just “illegal immigrants.” It’s not worth spending money on and Schwarzenegger is a lame duck: he should pardon them all.