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Progress in struggle: 1990s documents

April 16, 2010

I am pleased that in recent weeks, a decisive portion of the professional national security community, a separate swath of the intelligence community and now non-intelligence community intellectuals have gained access to some documents from the late 1990s in connection to what I refer to derisively as Che-Libs. They have given me Aesopian confirmation of being able to participate in what was only a small circle of debaters.

For the most part, obtuse racism as demonstrated on the labor aristocracy and superprofits questions blocked my struggle of the late 1990s. Supposed Marxists who did not give a hoot when there was no evidence for white worker exploitation also naturally did not give a hoot when a middle-class professional like myself ended up lynched. The people involved were gullible and presumptuous racists of the sort who did not EVER think to ask me about the CIA, KGB and U.$. military intelligence involvement in the story presumptuous people thought they understood.

Perhaps the only successful thing I did was say so many outrageous things that people collected the struggle to hard drives. Especially of note I did get British government attention, which is important not because the Brits are leading anti-militarists but because the British government might have had specific objections to the peculiar deal going down and had no vested interests in the Democrats per se. Alternatively, perhaps a portion of the British government was involved in the whole scheme.

Now people are picking up on various racist nuances of that struggle that I had not mentioned. This is a bright spot. In the old days, struggles like mine would have disappeared under the rug.

I have increasing confidence that though I may have sold my own ethnic group short by not taking up intra-bourgeois professional struggles and allowing myself to be sullied, there are now increasing percentages of people who are taking up the struggle.

As a recent You Tube video about Michael Jackson saying he was assassinated asks, I also ask what the agenda was for running a Black candidate with a background in lynching. An example of one answer that comes to mind is again the KKK, which long ago took to appearing with Black nationalist leaders to advocate for a white national state and Black national state. MIM also supports national liberation, but we have not called for any lynchings.

According to recent “Rasmussen Reports” polls, the public does not support the liberals, conservatives or center but seeks self-government. That is Rasmussen’s explanation for the turbulence in politics we see. Connected to that could be that the youth are increasingly oppressed nationalities that may want to go their own way in self-determination of nations, whether they consciously know that or not.

It may seem odd to readers that ANY Blacks would join a group with KKK ideologies, but it has in fact happened and there are records to that effect. The “RCP” marched with the KKK in the Boston school integration struggle and published self-criticism along those lines, self-criticism MIM would ordinarily honor, except that we see the follow-up with Islamophobia and my lynching. There is no doubt that there are some Blacks in the “RCP.”

Well it’s not too much mystery. The “RCP” has a multi-million dollar budget. People like Obama and other organizers are paid. The only mystery is why various “activists” do not question the source of money and the motivations of the leaders, and this in connection to a newspaper repeatedly kissing William Kunstler’s ass.