Wimmin, family and gender issues generally

Wimmin, gender and family issues generally

  • Gender update: Clinton, Reese Witherspoon and Pakistan
  • Big victories against pornography

  • Out-of-wedlock births in Iran
  • The gender angle in Michael J. Sandel’s book Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do

  • Complain to the Democratic Party about taking down our website and its free 200 page magazine on feminism.
  • Palestinian wimmin languish in prison while Amerikans tour in Iraq
  • Crusaders, gender and the developing countries
  • Female arrest rates and politics
  • Are Iraqi Shia killing gays to court Obama?
  • Barack Obama destroyed gay marriage in California
  • British military getting fed up with political bullshit

  • Maternity care and supplies blockaded in Gaza
  • Getting clarity on what gender is

  • Visit an out-dated facsimile of our old feminism page but before it had our feminism magazine for free and any Asian-unAmerikkkan material
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