Things are looking up

I’ve had many positive signs internationally.

International revisionism gave me what I asked for and then some, at least verbally; another lawyer joined in in criticism, so that at least verbally there is only one recalcitrant individual; I might have seen an indication from one diplomat that we are talking about the intelligence equivalent of a Royal Flush, not just a simulated one; cards look to have transferred or could have transferred hands and there were at least three parties that they could have gone through.

Because the judge ordered that my federal case is unsealed, I have not written anything yet. Nonetheless, based on previous failure of a FOIA, I asked for a private investigation of the Defense Department and found that the relevant individual is removed from public databases, a move that the private investigator says is done for the deliberate purpose of obfuscation.

At this time I want to point out that I read USA Today, the British “Guardian” and sometimes CNN. I tried to stop reading the New York Times, but failed in a few instances recently.

Let me just say that I would not base the Mideast’s political undertakings on the word of someone promised that will only end up in a search for a money trail if such a persyn were to speak, a trail for which there already exists a recent footprint in the media. It will just end up prolonging a problem. Yes? The key is to act now, on the offensive, adhering to deadlines. The U.$. and British media are stuck in justifying lynching, but the rest of us can still think and act independently.

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