The Maoist Internationalist Movement is pro-Cultural Revolution (1966 to 1976) in Mao’s China.

We also hold that the only people in the rich countries like the united $tates who are not exploiters are people with no legal working rights–prisoners or migrant workers. The rest of the people are petty-bourgeois or higher.

This website is written by Henry Park, the sole remaining comrade of the original MC list. Other cells arose elsewhere, but unconnected to the original MIM organization. They never had a vote within the original MC organization.

The Democrats shut down our old web page with over 100,000 readers per month when we got too close to exposing all the truths about their spying and repression. The old website looked like this.

See the MIM FAQ.

This current page is not as good, because the old Google links have been killed by the Democratic Party repression to cover up a lynching, and because of my lack of money and security to put up the old page on a new server. The current technological setup here at WordPress is also inferior, and that disorients me into the worst writing of mine since before 1985.

See Why this webpage sucks.

As before, security for readers of this webpage is not good. The federal government and foreign secret services monitor this page closely. If you read this webpage, the government will track you. The Pentagon has taken advantage of the Democratic repression to narrow down who is reading this page and trace them more easily than where there were over 100,000 readers a month.

As part of a security decision, I don’t read the comments you leave on this web page . So please do not leave them.

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    1. Chinese currency tensions caused by inaccurate view of U.$. class structure « Mimdefense's Weblog Says:

      […] It is true that I$rael needs to rebalance its relationship with Asia. This is an interest I$rael has, but Schumer’s road is to attempt to prevent Palestinian aspirations through a trade war that could set off a depression. MIM’s road is for the senators to give up their reactionary dreams against Palestinian self-determination. The people who issued military leaks thereby going to military repression of civilian media contributed to shutdown of the MIM website. […]

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