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Generational divide: overreaction to the 1970s

April 16, 2010

We can now see that the whole political trajectory of the “RCP” and the left-wing of parasitism took shape under the stress of two types of events and a background of white nationalism. One type of event was the general FBI/COINTELPRO repression of the political movements. In this we can count a struggle such as Wounded Knee. Another event was the Iranian Revolution of 1979, which had a strong Maoist component but ended up going Islamic.

Prior to the Iranian Revolution’s solidifying as Islamic, the one thing the “RCP” did right was to agitate against the U.$. reaction to the “hostage crisis” in Iran that dogged Carter. At the time, the Amerikan public was in a war-mongering mood against Iran.

Following the decisive defeat of Maoist forces in Iran, the “RCP” overreacted and went in a permanent Trotskyist direction. Combined with the blows from the FBI, there was a deadly brew arising in the early 1980s.

Both the COINTELPRO and Iran struggles caused an overreaction favoring the CIA. MIM has pointed out that it is the CIA with the capabilities to rot out a revolution from within and in that sense it is more dangerous than any police organization. An arrest and railroad charge will be seen by the people, but some of what the CIA does in diplomacy and various covert operations is difficult for the people to see.

The FBI activities also made it “cool” to side with the mafia. The whole approach where every extortion, every threat, every violation of privacy is called “free speech” is mafia-inspired.

After the Maoist defeat including repression of Maoists in Iran, the Amerikan Maoists did not maintain united front with Iran against U.$. imperialism. Articles paid lip service to opposing war, while in action, the organization synchronized with the neo-conservatives. The “RCP” also built fraternal ties with an organization openly favoring U.$. invasion of Iran.

Trotskyism has always had a bigger emphasis on party-building than the united front and so it was in the direction of Trotskyism that “RCP” lip service articles turned, most notably in “Conquer the World.”

On the surface, it may seem to activists that the “RCP” did the right thing by leaning to the CIA and mafia side against the FBI. Yet it all depends on how far that tactical approach goes, and unfortunately, the “RCP” turned it into a strategy.

Not in lip service in its newspaper, but in deeds, the “RCP” was by the late 1990s in lockstep with imperialists preparing war in Iraq and Afghanistan, particularly the neo-conservatives who like the “RCP” now placed absolutist value on U.$. gender culture being superior to Islamic gender culture.

The mafia has an interest in selling weapons in war-created black markets and the CIA has an interest in penetrating everywhere. Yet the “RCP” had no difficulty joining in counter-terrorism operations against MIM, lynching to support the coming Afghan war.

Careful study of the Che-Libs will show the “RCP” attacking MIM for the benefit of cops. More importantly, activists have to open their minds to the differing interests of the mafia and CIA. If one puts all the focus on the FBI, it boils down to self-preservation of the left-wing of parasitism only.

Staying free of the FBI and its repression is not a victory if the cost is to help the CIA, mafia and neo-conservatives with their war preparations.


We told you so: Schwarzenegger and CA prisons

April 8, 2010

The first thing Obama did upon arrival in office was give the states no-strings-attached stimulus funding with which to keep prisoners locked up. It goes to show that the people sticking with Obama but also saying they are pro-MIM line are hard-core cultists who can’t figure out how the labor aristocracy line damages prisoners.

Here is what we said August 10, 2009:

“The ‘Second Chance Act’ for prisoners came about in the Bush administration because of the hammer blows of the international united front, and likewise, it will be because of fiscal conservatism made easy by disaster that will eventually force the mass release of prisoners. We are starting to see that in California with prison overcrowding.”

Gov. Schwarzenegger recently announced plans to release 6500 prisoners. We hope he finds the will to go much further. 20,000 of California’s 170,000 prisoners are just “illegal immigrants.” It’s not worth spending money on and Schwarzenegger is a lame duck: he should pardon them all.


Upside-down economic analysis and the principal contradiction

March 23, 2010

When a party’s economic analysis is upside-down, everything else will be wrong. Because the Democratic Party opportunists acting as Trojan Horses in our communist movement espouse that Amerikans are exploited, they act exactly opposite as MIM would act.

While we say we would sacrifice on abortion, healthcare, gun control and the budget to achieve independence for Palestine, they say the opposite. Palestinian lives are lost as ever with Obama in power. This leaves the anti-imperialist movement two choices: it can conclude the United $tates is not relevant to the Mideast or it can conclude that it makes a big difference to reject phony Maoism. The first is a whitewash of U.$. imperialism.

Related to that is the case of my lynching. Here the Democrats have argued that the right to lynch has to be defended as “free speech” supporting healthcare, the nomination of a Supreme Court justice and countless other items that any other liberal Democrat without the lynching in the background could have done.

Bash the Pope while defending the CIA and the mafia the Obamautons will do as long as the right to lynch ends up justified. Vote for healthcare to justify the right of white females to lynch — and so on. And the “so on” is a long list including bashing religion in order to support the Afghan war in deeds, if not always in the hardly read newspaper of the Obakianites.

Now the Obamautons hand out money to insurance companies as another huge benefit for Amerikans. In that way they consolidate support for imperialism while slapping Asian-Amerikans in the face, yet again.

In a strange way, the Obakianites agree with us that the principal contradiction is between imperialism and oppressed nations. We sacrifice on lesser issues to gain on independence of colonies and lynching while the Obamautons sacrifice on peripheral issues to maintain the right to lynch and occupy. The Obamautons take the side of imperialism, as is only logical given their flawed underlying economic analysis.

A Liberal does not see a principal contradiction, no need for focus, just individual struggles. The counterrevolution by contrast does have focus in trying to mirror MIM, but on behalf of the oppressor.

Iran gets it: class

March 9, 2010

“[President of Iran] Ahmadinejad said, ‘the fact that the US has 14,000 billion dollars budget deficit and has issued over 29,000 billion counterfeit dollars during the past 30 years, buying goods with it, is the biggest theft in the history of human kind,’ as reported by IRNA. He said D8 countries have the potential to become a major economic block in the future.”

It has to be said I have more in agreement with Iran than with any organization in the left-wing of parasitism in my own country. I agree with the President of Iran on the question of international exploitation, as a matter of line. He concluded that he should organize religiously.

Meanwhile, the Obakianites organized back-asswards from tactics and strategy up to line without ever doing the overall analysis. Consequently there is vastly more scientific content in Iran’s religion than in Obakianite secular politics. Every racist Pilgrim in the West is worth 10,000 converts to religion.

It is the dogshit pragmatists of the West making religion most attractive. Meanwhile the real Islamists are attacking icons as Avakian organizes persynality cults.


Tactics, strategy and line

March 8, 2010

This is a good time to use a new situation to teach old truths.

I have just updated the situation on a pattern of lynching as a tactic.

The repeat use of the tactic of lynching is a strategy of lynching. In other words, if only one persyn carried out a lynching on behalf of the Democratic Party, one might say it was a one-time tactic of the Democratic Party. When one starts to see that white females are being sent for the sole purpose of creating a scandal or possibly spying and disruption, we can talk about lynching as a strategy.

Once there is a strategy of lynching, certain arguments come up over and over again in a pattern. The ideological and scientific discussion connected to that are called “line.”

Those who argue from tactics to line are mistakenly called “grounded,” but they are really “pragmatic,” which means unprincipled. It means that one has a method of taking action and then justifying it after-the-fact with whatever line works at that moment.

In contrast, we Maoists are scientific. We argue from line to strategy to tactics. We have created an analysis of social conditions generally, that we do not vary as much as the pragmatists do from individual-to-individual or moment-to-moment. Our most important observation on this score is that “the principal contradiction is between imperialism and oppressed nations.”

To come up with line, we looked at the united $tates and determined that the united $tates is composed of a vast majority of exploiters and national oppressors. Reality enters the picture thus and we do not deny reality, simply because we have a strategy we prefer.

The left-wing of parasitism broadly including the Obakianites says — without real world evidence — that the majority of Amerikans is exploited. The real reason for that is that they are dogmatically wedded to a strategy of pursuing 50%+1, well-suited for Democratic Party election campaigning. We hear endlessly about their strategy and their great individual leaders, but never a word how MIM’s analysis of class and nation is wrong. The money of the Democratic Party in providing careers speaks louder than the science of social analysis for the left-wing of parasitism, including the racist extremists behind my lynching.

There is no reason to be deluded or give up the struggle in a minority situation like MIM’s. The following strategies are open to those of the MIM line:

  • The Ralph Nader strategy of organizing the minority to tip a situation as in the 2000 Bush v. Gore election.
  • The Larry Craig strategy of tapping a foot in a bathroom somewhere and bringing opprobrium on oneself. The strategy goes with the flow of the hatred, judo-style.
  • Organizing external pressure from countries that do not agree with the 50%+1 public opinion of the United $tates.

  • Comfortable white nationalist identity for lesbians

    February 24, 2010

    There is no term for an “Uncle Tom”-equivalent of lesbian identity. Chalk that up as another disproof that language is inherently directly misogynist: our position is that language usage may be ignoring both achievements and responsibility of females, but inherently English is actually more hateful toward males — with terms like pirates, terrorists, rapists and Uncle Toms always being imagined male. In the case of “Uncle Tom” there is no reason that term should be directed at males at all, because it’s about selling out Black people. And of course statistics on imprisonment of Black men bear out that the culture is loaded more against Black males than Black females, who are not seen as as much of a threat.

    When one sides with my lyncher of 1989-1991, one is siding with homophobia in print. The program of the RCP at the time of the lynching stated after mentioning pornography and prostitution:

    “As for homosexuality, this too, is perpetuated and fostered by the decay of capitalism. . . . Education will be conducted throughout society on the ideology behind homosexuality and its material roots in exploiting society, and struggle will be waged to eliminate it and reform homosexuals.”

    See the RCP program in .pdf where this quote comes from

    Now if Joseph Stalin (JS) said something like that back in the 1930s, MIM already pointed out that the context and what people in general were saying was not good at the time. However, by the 1970s and 1981 of this program by the RCP, things had changed. That RCP program did not change till after years of MIM criticism, and it was only years after the lynching.

    In fact, MIM recently received information to the effect that Jiang Qing worked with LGBT in practice. We are left believing that Mao himself did not have a problem with Western dancing or LBGTs the way the Chinese public did at the time. So that was the 1970s in China already, but in the rich United $tates we still had Avakian talking like JS.

    The most vehement supporter of the lynching movement that I knew of in the 1989-1991 period told me, “you can’t prove you DIDN’T [caps mine to emphasize her tone] rape someone.” It would not be hard to picture this persyn in a swiftboat ad against me. I told her at the time that I could prove it. More importantly, it’s hard to think of any reason for defense attorneys if one can never prove innocence. The whole attitude that an accuser is so much higher than the accused could be from fascism or pre-1789 serfdom.

    The original context for the role of vehement supporter #1 was an interaction not involving me but involving both political and potential sexual competition for MIM females. I have been told I would not have had much interaction with the persyn otherwise.

    So first there was the lynching, then a call on lesbian identity politics to defend it. NPR alluded to this recently and an obviously self-hating lesbian activist threatened to side with the RCP and racism via discussion of an after-the-fact claim that the lesbian activist felt physically threatened by me. This is exactly the kind of identity politics training people received in blue state hotbeds of fascism.

    No one, no lesbian activist now or in the past ever sat down with me to have a discussion of how her road through Democratic Party activism was better than my road for LGBT liberation. We never hashed out who had greater achievements in that area. That was not the point. I was lynched first and then the call on lesbian activist identity became important.

    A lesbian activist talking like JS for the backward line threatened me on NPR with going to 3 million alleged listener/readers on behalf of the Democratic Party. That’s why we need a term for “Uncle Tom” of lesbian activism. Any Christian conservative or mafia group could pay someone to discredit the LGBT community by always using it to justify KKK stunts.

    With Obama’s connection to Chicago corruption and campaign money, we need a critical feminism. The idea that some people have untouchable status and that white females never lie about rape is a falsehood big enough for any two-bit mafia or party hactivist to drive a truck through.

    Whether real or fake lesbians, people should not pin their racism on the LGBT community after-the-fact. For real white lesbians doing this, we need the LGBT equivalent of “Uncle Tom” as a term.

    Avakian on record for white supremacy to rule

    February 23, 2010

    Readers should see a poster for the Avakianites. The biggest quote says:

    “White supremacy is built into the very foundation of this country. It is something that this system and those who rule could not do without, even if they wanted to, which they don’t. And this has continued down to the present.”

    Translation: to rule one has to be more racist than the other guy and that includes Avakian’s man Barack Obama of the “present.” It’s very tautological.

    That’s what we mean by “socialism in words, imperialism in deeds.” It’s all window-dressing followed by action for imperialism.

    The works of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bob Avakian are all rooted in Saul Alinsky who advocated organizing the minority of white liberals for “working class” issues and pulling stunts to get past a 50%+1 mark in elections, despite Avakian’s claiming to be a revolutionary.

    The Alinskyites are all wrong because there are two other ways to fight: 1) extremist reaction backfires as in the case of Larry Craig and Mark Foley; 2) the main bulk of progressive forces is outside U.$. borders and brings pressure to bear on the United $tates. There is no reason to capitulate and achieve 50%+1 with Nazi stunts aimed at a non-existent progressive majority.

    Avakianite update

    February 19, 2010
    “Revolution” newspaper, formerly “Revolutionary Worker”
    “Revolution Books” chain
    Bob Avakian

    This is all Avakianite junk, a conveyor belt to the imperialist state. They’ve as much as announced that their tactics are to issue praise while backstabbing. They lie constantly on behalf of the Democratic Party. We reviewed his book “Bullets” which became a subsequent point of departure for Aesopian discussion.

    They’ve had to take political cover because of our struggle. So now they have a bumper sticker that says “stop thinking like Americans.” And they tell Obama to go after the CIA. These are camouflage, window-dressing.

    Likewise, Obama has handed the FBI some scraps of victory, because Obama did his work in front of the FBI. However, that is not to say that if the public were looking in it would not also offer the FBI some turf from the CIA.

    Import of future feminist leaders needed

    February 11, 2010

    I’d like to request that the Third World think about exporting a few potential intellectual feminists to the West for graduate school. The problem with what we have here is that Rockefeller internationalist feminism is hiring tokens from every country and having them tell their individual experiences. Comparisons across countries never occur systematically. Individual stories and experiences that are not necessarily representative of an overall comparison end up being used as the excuse for wars on Third World countries.

    For that matter, the next great party-building might be by asexual or bisexual females at the core. The one thing MIM did right was an LGBT and asexual-friendly line that somehow led to a good proportion by biology in the organization. With Third World female leadership, maybe something could really get off the ground.

    It’s the kind of thing where people here just have no idea if an experience they are talking about is representative of 1% of a country’s people or 80%. With the influence of post-modernism added in people are also apt to consider word games the equivalent of real-world violence, mostly because they have no idea of real world violence. If we could send some people here to consider drawbacks of patriarchy as it exists in different cultures and come to overall ideas of the percentage of the time such drawbacks occur, we’d be well on our way to comparisons of patriarchy across culture.

    We’re not going to fix this problem soon, but looking 10, 15 and 20 years in the future is possible.

    Dictatorship of the proletariat and the First Amendment

    February 6, 2010

    The Supreme Court recently decided on opening up corporate possibilities for spending in campaigns. Since I said something similar in another matter, I agree with Stanley Fish that as a teacher I’m delighted with the Supreme Court decision on the First Amendment.

    As a citizen, I’d like the First Amendment modified something like the following:

    “The only people allowed to contribute to political campaign coffers in the United $tates will be citizens of the world making $5000 or less a year and working full time.”

    That would be the dictatorship of the proletariat expressed in nice constitutional form. It would solve corruption and many problems in getting along with other countries.

    The media should have limits on its pay too so that we get altruists in the media and teaching. (That assumes there’s a pool with skills for those two and there’s much doubt in the united $tates about primary and secondary school teacher qualifications.)

    It’s not going to happen soon, because the international proletariat is not ready to invade and impose the constitutional amendment and the forces we communists can organize are sapped of vitality. We are too rich and bourgeois in this country, so we have the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.

    When we get the social vehicle of change wrong, everything else about our alleged Leftism is fouled up. The question cannot be evaded. Both sides of the McCain-Feingold controversy are forced to argue within bourgeois range. When we communists get used to that we forget our minority tactics. That’s why it’s good to hear about the Chicago corruption for a senate seat just as Foley and Craig took up the cause.